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a grill gift for my guys

grill gift for guys >> A Subtle Revelry

Buying for the guys in my life is always a challenge. I often get stuck just thinking about what would be the perfect gift for them. This year though, the problem is solved! The Home Depot asked if I wanted to give my guy this amazing electric grill/smoker and a solar powered lantern set.

I immediately thought, “oh yes, he’d love that… and so would he… and him too!”. I started thinking about how really every guy I buy for would love this gift. So I bought three! And have come up with three different ways to give it, one for each of my three favorite guys, with their own specific flair. Might it be perfect for a guy on your list as well?

grill gift for my sweatheart >> A Subtle Revelry

This first selection is how I’m giving the gift to my sweetheart, who loves the outdoors and trying new things. I packaged the grill with the lantern which is perfect for a late night roast. Along with a stack of wood (with drawn-on hearts of course), marshmallows for roasting, and our favorite blanket to keep us warm. The gift comes with a small note stating a date and time that the sitter is coming for our little adventure into the night – since that is all he really wants from me anyway!

Grill gift for my brother >> A Subtle Revelry

The grill is also perfect for my little brother who is just starting out with his new wife, in a new town. I’m sending the grill with a string of lights for their little deck, fire starter cubes because he likes to look like a pro, a great grill tool set, a small notebook filled with my favorite grill recipes, and tips for him to impress his girl with and candles (of course!) to encourage his romantic side.

Grill gift for my father >> A Subtle Revelry

The grill will also hit the spot with my step-father who loves food. Paired with a subscription to his favorite cooking magazine and some grill cleaning equipment (since his cooking is always spotless!). A wrapped piece of farm fresh meat for him to put on the fire, and a note promising him I’ll be over at a moment’s notice to try out his new take on brauts.

Although, Home Depot isn’t a place we might quickly think of for Christmas gifts, it was a really fun experience picking out these presents. The selection they have of big items to really make your guy’s day + small accessories to make any gift seem sentimental, was pleasantly surprising to me. Plus, the joy of walking into a store – that wasn’t packed out with cheesy doodads for guys – was refreshing. I know my guys will loves their gifts (Christmas came a bit early for them all this year:). And I know they’ll actually use them, which is a huge win for the season!


I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in this holiday gift giving project. As a part of the project, I am receiving compensation in the form of cash and gift cards, for the purpose of promoting the holiday gift giving project and The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Thanks to The Home Depot for such a fun shopping experience. And thank you for supporting our holiday sponsors! xoxo

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