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A holiday at the beach

Happy Monday! Have you noticed the Christmas goodies being pulled out everywhere this weekend? I am officially jumping into the celebrate before Thanksgiving crowd and am thrilled to share with you this first glimpse of the holiday by the beach play date that I styled last week.

It was a magical morning of snack eating in the surf and lifting our legs to laugh with each wave that rolled in. Bunting strung under the dock marked the way to our little holiday before the holidays!

We strung ornaments, made sand angels together and ran around chasing very big balloons!

Celebrating with a small dose of holiday cheer before the rush begins was a fabulous idea that is certain to become a yearly tradition. The bigger kids had fun playing and posing, plus it was the perfect introduction to the younger ones of the joyousness awaiting them.

Watching the kids drag flowers along the sand, swing around with ornaments and stand on chairs reminded me of the unique and refreshing perspective they bring to decorating for the holidays- sometimes it is all about getting messy and having fun together.

More to come this week on the details, our play date games and one very special activity that you can recreate even if you don’t happen to live by the beach.

The photo above may be one of my favorites of all time, I think they look like they are in an absolute fairytale!

Photography credit Carly Taylor



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  1. This is absolutely incredible! I think I’ve shared this already but your blog is one of my very top favorites for inspiration right now! It’s so unique and beautiful. This event is precious and breathtaking.

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