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A Patio Ready To Brunch

A Patio Ready To Brunch

You know how you have those things that are really important to you sometimes? When we were house hunting last year, one of the top items on my list was the yard and corresponding view. Reno has 300 days of sun a year and our family spends much of it outdoors. I was really hopeful we’d find a house with a little land and a lot of trees. Our backyard is one of the huge things that sold me on our new house. The property is filled with 23 awesome huge old trees, it is a dream! From cherry blossoms to a 60ft pine tree there is green everywhere. And if you can see just a bit in the distance you’ll notice mountains. We have a crazy pretty view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Basically I can see the bathing suits at Lake Tahoe. :) I didn’t really care how many times we had to offer on the house, this sealed the deal for me.

When we toured the property for the first time, it was a disaster. There were tree branches everywhere from years of neglect, the pavers were half destroyed, and there were about 2873 cigarette butts. We joked that had we been on Fixer Upper this house would have been called the ash tray house. Ha! After a couple weeks of clean up and an awesome partnership with Hayneedle, I am excited to say our patio is now ready to brunch. We will be brunching, dining, drinking and making s’mores in it for the rest of the summer! See more about my vision for it over on their blog.

Swing Chair

You’ll be able to find me any day right in this chair swing with a book in hand.

Raised Garden Beds

Or picking herbs from our new garden to hand to the hubby at the grill.

A Patio Ready To Brunch

A Patio Ready To Brunch

A Patio Ready To Brunch

Want to see the rest of the space? Hop on over to my Hayneedle style board where I am sharing about all my finds, like these extra wide dinning chairs that make me want to brunch for hours and my favorite ways to get a patio ready to brunch.

Brunch plates

A Patio Ready To Brunch

The lemonade serving set is one of my favorite details to date. I harness all the Betty Draper vibes when I get to set it out on the table for friends.

Herb planting

String lights

raised garden beds

The raised garden beds were a last minute purchase and I adore them so much. Not only do they keep the rabbits from devouring my herbs, but when we had a night that went below freezing in May (because Reno does that kind of thing), we just picked them up and brought them inside. It’s a perfect way to extend our planting season.

Cheers to a summer of brunch and fun.

PS. Here’s more of our patio.

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