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a show by the sea

Have you ever hosted an event where things have not gone quite as planned? It happens to me sometimes. I am learning that often tainted plans can lead to very wondrous moments. We had a great plan to watch a favorite movie through a projector during our birthday celebration, but the wind and waves had a different idea. Every time we would set up the screen it was quickly blown down.

In its place we decided to watch the waves. As we sat down, our popcorn blew around us until we were quickly in the midst of forty very hungry looking seagulls. I have never seen so many seagulls, I couldn’t stop laughing. Be encouraged when your plans go a bit astray. That one hilarious moment brought more joy than any movie we could have seen.

Photography by Carly Taylor.

PS. Popcorn in a wire basket… not my brightest of ideas;)


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