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a subtle revelry


Welcome! I am thrilled to be starting this week by sharing our new site name! A subtle revelry was chosen to express my passion of merry making, cheer bringing & party throwing in the most subtle of ways. I find it the perfect word combination to describe what pours out of my mind and heart daily with you. An artistic rendering of the passion we share together.

Thanks for all your sweet comments and emails last week, I just adore your words of encouragement- they mean the world to me. I am hoping you will be extra sweet to me today by helping me get the word out.

To celebrate, I am going to be giving away this pretty pendant necklace from Anthropologie above. If you’d like to win it, just comment to let me know you have made it to this new page (hello!) + I will give an extra entry if you share my name change via Twitter or Facebook just leave the URL as your second comment. I will be giving away the pendant on Friday morning.

I am really excited about this. Thanks so much for sticking around friends!!!

PS. The rad new banner was done by Carly, thanks!!!
PSS. Last weeks sprinkles won by Carrie, congrats.