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a summer float bar

As a treat for our birthday celebration we had an ice cream float bar! It was such fun to try. We served hers (blush wine) and his (porter beer) as our drink selections. I will serve it again a hundred times this summer. It’s an easy and frugal way to host a bar, especially as the temperatures start to climb and anything frozen begins to taste amazing.

A few quick notes on designing your own summer float bar…

  • Ball your ice cream before the party starts and freeze individually to give each guest the perfect (not to messy) portion.
  • Use only vanilla ice cream to coordinate with the flavors in your bar.
  • For a special touch wrap the ice cream balls in stamped parchment paper and tie with a strand of twine. You can do this days before and just pop the whole stack right in the freezer.
  • To stock your bar; blush wine tastes amazing and is a fabulous introduction to summer. Sparkling white dessert wines are crisp and also taste great. Porter beers work the best for his side, since the deep dark taste pairs well with the cream (Matt is photographed tasting with a Heineken, which did not pair very well at all).
  • Having a few liters of root beer or orange soda on hand is a good idea for those not drinking.
  • Choose low wide glasses for the perfect creamy blend. I just love our new party glasses found on sale here.

Add in a spray painted “hers/his” cardboard sign to direct your guests and this could be your perfect go-to for showers, weddings, birthdays or even just hanging with friends on a warm summer’s eve.

Photography of our 30th birthday by Carly Taylor.

PS. Another bubbly summer bar.


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    • Rach, thanks! I suppose cardboard is a bit of a simplistic explanation. They are actually the cardboard craft letters sold at Joanns. I cut off the tops of the letters to give depth, then spray painted each letter. I did them as well for a recent wedding I styled in a metallic, they are super easy to make and look very cool in person:)

  1. OMG, I am stealing this idea (with all credit going to you of course:). Brilliant! We’re already planning a couple bbqs and this will make an awesome addition to the menu :)

  2. I am so distracted by how adorable the two of you are! What a special way to celebrate a b-day. I’ve loved all of the pics of your 30th shoot. :-)

  3. What an adorable idea! I loved that you guys used wine and beer for the floats, and blush wine and vanilla ice cream sounds delicious! And those letters….SUCH a clever idea!

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