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A surprise book launch party

Book launch party

The day before we released Materially Crafted – my favorite friends hosted a surprise book launch party for me. In the mix of our crazy launch month, it was such a sweet time to stop and celebrate. My amazing photographer, Erin Holland put so much work into decorating and adding festive revelry details all over the space. We had sweet treats, mimosas, and a childhood friend even came into town for the event. After putting so much work and passion into a project as big as a book – it was such a blessing to get the chance to enjoy it with the people I love the most.

Happy party details

Party table

Streamers hung on the lights

Festive details like hanging streamers on the chandeliers instantly transformed the room into a bright and fun party space. Erin, used a ton of really simple paper products to turn the walls, tables and floor into a fabulously fun celebration.

Happy party details

Tissue flowers, lettered banners, glitter and all the things I love in life.

Surprise party

Surprise party

It wasn’t just a party. It was a total surprise. I was completely fooled (you can tell by my stunned reaction walking in). The surprise made it all so fun! Matt got in on the deal, telling me we were going out for a lunch date and dropping off the kids to be babysat at a friend’s house. I walked in the door to a huge explosion of confetti and so many favorite faces around the room. Celebrating with people (photographers, assistants, and my group of crazy supportive friends) who have put their heart and soul into this site along with me made the day incredibly special.

How to host a surprise party

Surprise party details

Lavender soda


Happy party details

I didn’t totally know what to expect the first week that our book was launched. I remember feeling both really nervous and so very excited. Having a chance to stop and celebrate was exactly what was needed to help me take a deep breath and relax. Knowing my friends are always behind me is one of the best feelings a gal can have.

(Photography and party design by Erin Holland – thanks friend!)

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