Being served by kids is a great Mother’s Day wish in many of our hearts. Here is a bit of inspiration for teaching the little ones how to celebrate (PS. pass this on to dad:).

Tea is an easy way to allow kids to help prepare a celebration for mom. Even a two year old is able to place a flower of tea into a cup of warmed water, and sprinkling sugar is certainly not a chore for them.

Use a single bunch of large blooms to decorate. Allow the kids to place them around as they see fit, pulling out vases and sweets to encourage the process. Watch with glee as they organize the cups. You may have a budding stylist on your hands! Use wrinkled linen, or the bed sheet for a relaxed time indoors and if you happen to have a tree house, trust me- it is an adorable location for an early morning tea.

Let’s be honest, when she is celebrating there is nothing that fills my heart more!

Photography by Carly Taylor. Read the whole Mother’s Day tea story as it was photographed for Styled. magazine issue one and host your own with the free download peony and pink labels.