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a very pompom holiday

Pompom Christmas Ornaments by StephLovesBen

I know those of us in the U.S. are dreaming of stuffing and pumpkin pie today, but before we all jump onto planes carrying our stretchy pants along, I HAD to share this with you. StephLovesBen has a new holiday line out. And it is gorgeous. I am sure you will absolutely adore it.

Pompom holiday wreath by StephLovesBen

Pompom holiday garland by StephLovesBen

Merry Christmas Holiday Garland

So often I overhear friends chatting about how they love the DIY looks on their favorite blogs, but just don’t have the energy or time to create them. They wish there was a place to just buy that beauty. Seriously, guys – this is the place! These are those beautiful goods that will give your home the DIY clad charm, without putting glue gun holes in your sofa.

Hop on over and see the awesome holiday decorations Stephanie has been working on, and let her do the crafting work for you this season while you attend to other more important matters (like making a talking pie!). Plus, the shop is offering 20% off from Friday-Monday using the discount code THANKS.

StephLovesBen is a long time, beloved partner of A Subtle Revelry. I adore her holiday products so much that I HAD TO SHARE! xoxo

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