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A Week In Paradise – Summer Vacation Part 1


We are back from our summer vacation and I’m happy to get to share a couple snaps from it today. We went to San Diego for the week, which I realize doesn’t sound all that amazing since many of you live there, (we used to live there too!), but one thing I’ve learned about southern California is that there is a right way to vacation there. And when you do it right, it is really amazing!


We stayed at Paradise Point Hotel on Mission Bay which was basically its own tropical island. There are palm trees, lilly pads, and beautiful flowers everywhere. One thing we’ve learned traveling with bigger kids are that there are hotels and there are resorts. Which one we are at makes such a HUGE difference to our overall family experience. This place was a resort for sure. One of the best we’ve ever stayed at. A resort has all the important things right there to make family life great. Paradise Point has 6 pools, 3 restaurants (including a great pizza spot), mini-golf, miles of bay beach and fun perks like access to crazy old fashion surreys to ride around the property. All in all, it was one of the most relaxing and best vacations we’ve taken as a family.




The grounds that were not the beach, all looked like this. I found myself saying how much it felt like Hawaii multiple times. The entire place was tropical and serene.


Being so close to Mission Beach has it’s bonuses too, like being able to grab carne asada burritos from my favorite boardwalk joint. I dream of these burritos whenever I’ve come home from San Diego. We also had a fun night attending the California Dreaming summer beach party – which I joked was definitely San Diego’s version of a Hawaiian Luau. It boasted a clam bake and lots of hula (hooping). Example below… that husband of mine has mad skills!



After the hula night we spent the next day at Sea World. I haven’t been to this theme park since I was a kid and I was very impressed with how many updates the park has these days. They’ve added a few big roller coasters (which we promptly went on 347 times), and the exhibits were breathtaking. I could have spent days watching the penguins jump, dive and swim.


We had a chance to go behind the scenes to pet and feed the dolphins during a training session. My girl loves animals and I think this was the highlight of the trip for her. It was great to get to be so close to them & we actually got to help feed them! I loved getting a better understanding of how the training works, how they find the dolphins that need rehabilitation, and how much they care for these animals.



We spent most of the rest of our time in the surf and by the pool, nothing beats a good ol’ stomp in the waves. San Diego is one of my favorite trips to take – it’s close enough to drive, but can feel like an entire world away.

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PS. Last summer in NYC.

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