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A Woodburn Clock + Two Crafty Back To School Projects

School is starting, which means early mornings and getting ready are back on the agenda. Here are three fun DIY’s to brighten up our back to school routines. Getting up, getting ready and making lunches is all easier with a bit of color and flair around.

Whoever said learning isn’t fun has never tried out one of these easy DIYs. I’d love to hear from you after you give them a go, drop a comment below and let me know which one you enjoyed most.

To ensure everyone gets where they need to be on time – a new clock is exactly what we need. Crafting one out of wood and paint creates a unique look that can jive with any house decor – even if that house decor is a hot pink sofas and palm branches!

Woodburn Clock

To make the DIY Woodburn Clock, you’ll first off need to use a wood burner.

If you’ve never used one before, we make it really simple to learn how. Check out the full woodburn clock tutorial here!

Soap On A Rope

Next on the agenda is Soap on a Rope. What’s that, you ask? It’s an everyday bar of soap that you get to shape into a custom, colorful creation and hang on a rope! Why use a plain old rectangular bar of white soap when you can use a hot pink soap shaped like a heart or a bright yellow soap shaped like a pineapple? It’s time to get crazy.

To make Soap on a Rope you will need:

  • Bars of soap
  • Jump ropes (we found some at the Dollar Store)
  • Embroidery thread in fun colors
  • Carving tools like this
  • Food coloring
  • Cornstarch
  • Water


1. Draw fun shapes onto soap with a pencil and start carving (carefully) with a knife or other sharp tools.

2. Once the soap has taken the shape you want, flip it over and scoop out a spot for the rope.

3. Cut the jump rope to desired length and hot glue the ends into place on the back of the soap.

4. Knot the rope as you wish and wrap embroidery thread in various places. Wrap it randomly or in a pattern, whatever you like!

5. Mix the soap “paint” by using 1 part cornstarch, 1 part water, and food coloring. Mix a rainbow of colors and paint onto your soap. Let dry.

6. Hang your soap on a rope!

Rainbow Taffy

And finally, we’ve got Rainbow Taffy! You know we couldn’t possibly provide you with 3 projects and not have one of them be edible ;) This Rainbow Taffy is just as tasty as it looks, and the best part is, you can make it any color you want and it’ll still make everyone’s lunches sweeter.

To make Rainbow Taffy you will need:

  • White Mystery Airheads candy (we used minis)
  • Liquid or gel food coloring
  • Flavored extracts of your choice, about 1 tbsp per color
  • Paint brushes
  • Small bowls


1. In a small bowl, combine flavored extract and food coloring and mix well. Repeat for as many colors as you’d like to create, using as many different extract flavors as you’d like.

2. Paint colorful flavors onto Airheads, in a striped pattern to create a rainbow.

3. Let dry and then enjoy!

The rainbow taffy stores really well; you can wrap pieces up in parchment paper and tie with colored string for a festive touch. Send some with the kids to school to share with their friends!

PS. Back to school tattoos!

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