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The kitchen is finally done and it feels so good to say that! I can’t wait to share the entire space soon, but first the importance of the small details like hardware. The hardware chosen in a kitchen can create an entire look on it’s own. It’s like how we can dress up a t-shirt and jeans with heels and bling, or dress down a fancy dress with a scarf and sandals. The accessories we choose drastically alter our attire – in the same way hardware can take a space from function to fabulous in minutes.

If an entire kitchen renovation isn’t in the budget this year, try just changing out the hardware. It’s a much smaller investment that will make a space feel updated and fresh again.


I wanted to maintain a pretty but modern look in the house and our hardware selection really encouraged that look. For the doors (that still need to be painted:) we choose simple and modern black hardware. We have a hallway with 5 doors within about 10 feet so having a simple silhouette for the handles pulls everything together. The hardware was simple to install and has worked like a nice bracelet would to pull the doors into our overall decor.



For the kitchen we updated the grey on white tones with vintage brass. I have to be honest, when I told Matt we were doing brass handles in the kitchen he looked horrified – I think we was imagining the awful shiny styles of the 80’s. We found a pretty antiqued style that makes our Ikea cabinets look so grown up!

We installed all the hardware on our own – which seemed like a piece of cake after laying those commercial bar top concrete counters. We used this template which made placing the hardware simple and easy.

I found great options for pretty brass hardware over at during my searching. Here are a few of my favorite options from the site.

Atlas 12 inch pulls
(these are the ones we used), Atlas 5 inch pullsBaldwin scroll pulls, Bosetti Marella center drop pull, Baldwin flush pull, Seashell pull, Bosetti Marella center pull, Amerock center pull, Center cup cabinet pull, Hickory Hardware center pull.

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