Activities and Entertainment for Kids Party – From Tots to Teens

Happy birthdays are so important, especially for children. We get one special day every year, and on that day a celebration is called for. If you’re throwing a birthday bash for a child, from toddler to teen we have ideas galore to help you with entertainment for your kid’s party.

Read on for exciting ideas, themes, activities, games and recipes that you can incorporate into the merrymaking.

Creative Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Having your party guests make their own food would usually be considered rude, but not if you host a baking party! It’s messy, it’s fun, and they get to eat some delicious freshly baked goodies afterwards. Although you should probably bake the cake yourself! If baking isn’t an option we have plenty more creative party ideas to share below too.

Baking and Decorating

Baking and decorating

Making and decorating cookies is exciting for young kids, and if you know how to make your own cookie cutter you can make any kind of cookie you like! There’s a sugar cookie recipe included in this guide to making your own cookie cutters, and you can try this colorful tie dye icing to decorate.

Cupcakes are a must at any party, and this entertaining activity combines baking with crafting. Host a cupcake party with these delicious cupcake recipes and some cute cupcake toppers to decorate.

Everyone will love these bitesize cherry pies, and they are super-easy to make if you use pre-made pie crust. If you have any cookies or pies left over why not have the kids make up some little goodie bags so that they can bring some home to their families.

As it’s close to Christmas, this one may be fitting too. If you have some older or overly ambitious cake decorators why not have some gingerbread sheet cake ready for them, so that they can design their own gingerbread houses to take home.

Arts and Crafts


You’ll find more perfect activities for a craft birthday party in this Christmas crafts for kids list, although if you’re reading this at a less festive time of year, you can add a little sparkle and pizzazz to your celebrations with glitter crafts and DIY Confetti. And if that doesn’t sound messy enough, add some slime to the mix!

Little party-goers will go wild for these adorable printable animal masks and these very uncreepy-crawly balloon bugs.

Fantasy Kids Party Ideas

Not much can compare to the imagination of a child. Space, dinosaurs, wizards, and unicorns play very important roles in a child’s daily life, so why not have them at their birthday party too!



Hilarious princess party games like ‘If the Shoe Fits’ and ‘Mermaid Racing’ are sure to amuse your guests. These games can easily be adapted to any party theme. Try ‘Peg-Leg’ and ‘Shark Racing’ for a pirate theme, you can play the games exactly the same way, but they’ll have a completely different meaning. Here are some more pirate party games to help you host the heartiest birthday party on the block.

Space Monsters

space monsters

In space, no-one can eat ice-cream. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your feet firmly on Earth if you’re having a birthday party. Combine a space themed cake with these colorful galaxy pancakes and some stargazer galaxy balloons for a party that’s out of this world. To turn a space themed party into a space monster themed party, just mix in some of these uproarious monster games for kids.

Unicorn Party

unicorn party

Throwing a unicorn party is the perfect excuse to serve these beautiful unicorn ice cream pops. And don’t forget to make a unicorn cake too!

Lively Child Party Entertainment Ideas

We have party games aplenty to entertain your guests. These 25 minute to win it games for kids will have partygoers rolling with laughter, as will these 27 old reliable party games that everyone will enjoy. Older kids will love these fun birthday party ideas for teens. You can mix these games with any of the lively party themes below for maximum fun.

Pool Party

Pool Party

Swimming costumes, sunshine, cold drinks and maybe even a barbecue, who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned pool party.

Decade Party

decade party

Yes, we know, the 90s was literally only yesterday for us grown-ups. But for the young people in our lives, that decade was about a century ago. The 90s is popular now with shows like Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air being as cool as ever, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch having made a comeback, so we think a 90s party would be a huge hit.

If the 90s doesn’t quite float your boat, why not go a little further back in time and throw an awesome 80s bash. You should mix your decade party with these dance party games. You’re going to be playing some good music anyway! And don’t forget, if you’re hosting this party for older kids, they’re always hungry, so feed those teens.

Lazy Nights Entertainment for Kids Party

These party entertainment ideas for kids are a little less messy than the creative ones above, but it’s much easier to clean up after them. Some kids aren’t into crafts and baking and might want a less hands-on party experience. These birthday party ideas are cozy and comfortable and warm.

Movie Day/Night

Movie Day&Night

Always remember the three p’s of movie night – pyjamas, popcorn, and pillows – and you won’t go wrong. These 20 fun movie night ideas will start you off on the right track. If you have the right weather, an outdoors movie night under the stars could be wonderful. Serve your guests some delicious movie snacks and put out a yummy movie night grazing board.



Some of the best kids parties I ever hosted were sleepovers with karaoke, makeovers, and crafts. We’ve got all the fun, luxury, cozy and crafty sleepover ideas you could possibly need. A hot chocolate is a must for a warm treat before bed, and this hot chocolate cake is ideal for a sleepover birthday party. Shed some light overnight with our exciting 25 glow in the dark party ideas. A waffle bar at breakfast is a tasty way to finish off the celebrations!



If you’re camping out on your sleepover, you can play some outdoor games (which are also wonderful for a picnic party) and make some campfire cakes, and you may want to eat some s’mores cake too!

Pizza Party

pizza party

Everyone will love these cilantro and corn summer pizzas, and these classic margherita pizzas are sure to be a big hit. Serve the slices in these adorable pizza slice boxes for maximum cuteness.

A make-your-own-pizza station can be an exciting addition to a birthday party. People love making their own pizzas, especially kids. Set a table up with pizza sauces, pesto, herbs, various toppings and cheeses. Have some small pre-made bases so that they can make their own individual pizzas, or large bases that they can share. Combine a pizza station with a sleepover or movie night party, and your celebration is sure to be a roaring success.

Party Ideas for Toddlers or Preschoolers

It can be harder finding small children entertainment for birthday parties, toddlers are too young to choose their own theme which means that you grown-ups have to come up with the ideas all by yourselves. You’re bound to find something that you like here in our party entertainment ideas for toddlers.

Circus Party

circus party

Toddlers LOVE bright primary colors like red, yellow, and blue. They also enjoy balloons and funny noises. Mix these together and throw your little one a circus-themed birthday party full of exciting colors and sounds.

Disney Inspired Party

Disney Inspired Party

Give them a day with their favourite animated characters and bring Disney to their birthday. You can take some inspiration from these fun Minnie Mouse party games which can be adapted to any Disney character you have in mind!

Pups to the Rescue!

Pups to the Rescue!

Paw Patrol is so popular now, these playful pups are a huge hit with little boys and girls everywhere, and there isn’t a toddler I know that wouldn’t be paws-itively delighted to spend the day playing these paw-some Paw Patrol game ideas.

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Another bright and colorful whimsical fantasy world just perfect for children young or old, Dr. Seuss is loved by all and these zany Dr. Seuss party games are sure to be a big hit.

Pony Party

pony party

You can also try out these fantastic My Little Pony Party Games if you have a My Little Pony fan. There are some wonderful ideas in here, from friendship bracelets to temporary tattoos, great for older children as well as the younger ones.

Last But Not Least – You!
When the party is over, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Kids parties can be exhausting, all that fun is hard work! Put your feet up and relax with a nice glass of wine and some party leftovers. You did a good job, you deserve it.