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Adorable DIY Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial + Template

Inside: Adorable DIY Easter Bunny Wreath Tutorial + Template

Spring has sprung and the Easter bunny is quickly on his way! This adorable DIY Easter Bunny Wreath Idea is the perfect addition to your front door for the Springy season. Can you believe we used dryer balls to create this fun wreath? Yeah! That’s right! Dryer Balls.

I love making projects that require minimal effort with maximum cuteness, and this DIY checks all those boxes. If you’re an avid crafter, chances are you probably have most of these supplies lying around in your craft corner already. Check out how we made this adorable DIY spring wreath and spruce up your door just in time for Easter brunch.

Spring Easter Bunny Wreath

How to Make an Easter Bunny Wreath

Have you heard of dryer balls? I have been using them for about a year instead of dryer sheets, they are an awesome zero-waste home cleaning product. One day I was putting away my laundry and started playing around with one of the dryer balls, and BINGO that creative light bulb lit right up!

Easter Bunny Wreath

Supplies You’ll Need

Here are a few more supplies you will need to make this Easter Bunny Wreath:

Easter Bunny Wreath Supplies

Instructions to Make Easter Bunny Wreath

Follow these instructions to create this adorable Easter Bunny Wreath

  1. Start by spray painting the wreath form. I like doing this because it helps disguise the ugly green wire that might peek through.
  2. Then create the felt bunny ears. Take one piece of cream felt, fold it in half lengthwise.
  3. Using our handy template, pin it to your felt and cut around the edge. Using the inner ovals shape of the template, cut out the inner part of the ear with pink felt.
  4. To Assemble the bunny ear, take 1 piece of the cream ear cut out and glue down a pipe cleaner from top to bottom.
  5. Hot glue the other piece of cream ear cut out over top of the pipe cleaner.
  6. Glue down the pink middle earpiece in the middle.

Easter Bunny Ears

7. Attach the finished ears to the wreath form using hot glue and an extra piece of felt for security.

How to Assemble Easter Bunny Wreath

8. Now it’s time to attach the dryer balls to create the “head”

9. Using hot glue attach a pipe cleaner to the center of the dryer ball. You can use a small piece of extra felt to secure it.

10. Then twist the pipe cleaners around the wire form to secure the dryer balls.

11. Arrange the wreath as desired and you’re done!

Easter Bunny Wreath

Whew, that seems like a lot, but I promise it is super simple!

Spring Decorating with Bunny Wreath

This bunny wreath can last you all spring! Bunnies are perfect for spring and such a fun and playful vibe to any space. The one thing I love about this wreath is because we used pipe cleaners in the ears, you can bend and move around the ears to add a little personality.

Bonus, this wreath isn’t super heavy so a simple hook on your door holds it perfectly all season long! Let us know in the comments your favorite spring decor idea!

Spring Door Wreath

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(Photos & Video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)