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All the best: Fun pumpkin carving ideas

Fun pumpkin carving ideas - Sparkler Pumpkin

Over the years we have had many fun pumpkin carving ideas. This weekend we are headed out to find the best pumpkins at the patch and I am hard pressed to choose which is the best of the fun pumpkin carving ideas. We often look to add fun & spunk to our pumpkins. My favorite pumpkin carvings use unexpected details to make the jack-o-lanterns bright and merry.

Like setting a sparkler inside instead of a candle. I LOVE THIS!

To make this sparkler pumpkin:

  1. Place the sparkler inside a glass cup
  2. Place the glass cup inside the pumpkin.
  3. Light it up for a show the neighbors will not forget.

I’ll call it Jack-O-Bright.

In case you are carving this weekend too, here are all the best fun pumpkin carving ideas from our archives:

Fun pumpkin carving ideas

(Sparkler pumpkin photo ©Ruth Black/Stocksy International, all others directly linked).

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