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All the Best: Fun Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Halloween is incomplete without some beautifully carved pumpkins to spruce up your surroundings. If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of carving the same jack o lantern designs year after year. This time, you can mix things up a bit and challenge yourself to go beyond!

After the success of our creative pumpkin ideas, we’re taking the pumpkin fever a step further for Halloween. Whether you’re brainstorming some simple crafts to do with the kids or aiming to impress the neighbors, we’ve got you covered with these unique pumpkin carving ideas.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your carving kit and follow along!

Easiest Pumpkin Carving Designs

Looking for pumpkin carving ideas that are fun for the entire family? Here’s a list of pumpkin carving designs that are easy yet super impactful!

  1. Mouse House Pumpkin
  2. To turn your pumpkin into a creepy mouse house, simply make holes with a drill and scatter some plastic mice around.

  3. Lollipop Pumpkin
  4. Create this innovative candy dispenser by carving a smiley face into the pumpkin and sticking in some lollipops.

  5. Honeycomb Pumpkin
  6. Created through some simple carving and etching, this pumpkin will surely have your guests buzzing with delight.

  7. Old School Lantern Pumpkin
  8. This easy DIY only requires minimal carving and some paint for the finishing touches. Here’s another tutorial on how to create your own real-life pumpkin lantern.

  9. Simple House Pumpkin
  10. Who doesn’t love a miniature house? Make one by using some house stencils to cut out the windows and then paint the silhouette.

  11. Pumpkin Candy Holder
  12. This multifunctional pumpkin not only looks good but also hides a ton of sweet treasure inside. Create one for the trick-or-treaters this year.

  13. Smiley Face Pumpkins
  14. These pumpkins prove that simplicity is definitely a virtue.

  15. Pacman Pumpkin
  16. What can be better than a pumpkin paying tribute to your favorite old-school game? This Pacman pumpkin is easy to carve and serves some sweet nostalgia.

  17. Spooky Spider Pumpkin
  18. Make yourself a little spider pet at home with a regular pumpkin and some fuzzy spider legs.

  19. Prickly Porcupine Pumpkin
  20. Combine some toothpicks, a pumpkin, and some googly eyes and you have a pumpkin porcupine on your hands.

  21. Chic Leaf Pumpkin
  22. All you need for this minimalist leaf pumpkin is a maple leaf stencil to carve it out. Then you can paint the pumpkin your color of choice and decorate it with a candle.

  23. Elegant Etched Pumpkin
  24. These easy centerpieces can be made at home with a bit of paint and some etching techniques.

  25. Silly Stache Pumpkin
  26. What’s a holiday without a little bit of humor? This silly pumpkin has a ginormous mustache that’ll surely earn plenty of laughs.

  27. Home Address Pumpkin
  28. Tired of your boring old nameplate? Why not give it a Halloween twist by carving out your street address into a pumpkin. Imagine how cool it will look all lit up at night!

  29. Dramatic Stacked Pumpkins
  30. You must have heard the saying, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. This is the pumpkin reincarnation of it and we’re loving how dramatic it is.

  31. Pumpkin Succulent Planter
  32. Plant your beloved succulents directly into a pumpkin to get into the fall spirit.

  33. Dreamy Moon Pumpkin
  34. Spread some dreamy magic with this super easy moon pumpkin. Simply drill some holes in the pumpkin to form a moon and light it up.

  35. Paw Print Pumpkin
  36. Channel some werewolf vibes with this easy-breezy paw print pumpkin. Use a paw stencil to cut out the shape or create your own shape inspired by your pets’ cute paws.

  37. Flying Bat Pumpkin
  38. Bats are quite popular during the Halloween season and for good reason, they can be terrifying! Carve some flying bats on your pumpkin this year as a simple DIY craft with the kids.

  39. Crazy Haired Pumpkin
  40. This is a humorous spin on your regular jack o lanterns with some black springs to make the curly hair.

  41. Hungry Pumpkin
  42. The hungry pumpkin may be a bit scary-looking but the silly expressions on their faces are quite hilarious and adorable.

  43. Etched Mason Jar Pumpkin
  44. Fireflies and mason jars are the most Pinterest-perfect things in the world. Here’s a cute pumpkin that has both.

  45. Pumpkin Pi
  46. Making this pumpkin pie is super easy. All you need is a pi stencil, a carving tool, and a lot of love for math.

  47. Minnie Mouse Pumpkin
  48. To make this, use miniature pumpkins as ears and a bow to add that final touch.

  49. Pumpkin Cat Arrangement
  50. Featuring cute cats, glittery patterns, and some beautiful indoor plants, this is definitely a hit in our books.

  51. Spa Day Pumpkin
  52. Kick back and relax with this pumpkin enjoying a fun day at the spa. Maybe it’ll inspire you to take time off too!

  53. Zany Pumpkin Friends
  54. We love pumpkins with a personality and these pumpkins have tons of it! Their happy, zany faces will instantly fill you up with joy.

  55. Pikachu Pumpkin
  56. This simple and super cute Pikachu pumpkin will be a hit among kids and adults alike!

  57. Harry Potter Pumpkin
  58. It’s time to remember the boy who lived with this endearing Harry Potter pumpkin. It’s genius how the eyes and scar are carved out so they can glow from within.

  59. Pretty House Pumpkin
  60. We can never get enough of mini houses, especially such lovely ones. With all its little details, this two-story pumpkin house has our heart.

  61. Yummy Cupcake Pumpkin
  62. What can be more appealing than a yummy cupcake? Here’s an easy way to create one on a pumpkin.

  63. Googly Eyed Pumpkin
  64. This pumpkin is proof that you can make anything cute with a pair of googly eyes.

  65. Cookie Monster Pumpkin
  66. Cookie Monster is a beloved figure in mainstream media and now we have him in pumpkin form! The delicious cookies spilling out of the mouth are definitely a big plus.

    Scary Pumpkin Carving ideas

    What’s Halloween without a bit of horror? Scare some trick-or-treaters this season with these terrifying pumpkin carving ideas.

  67. Mummy Pumpkins
  68. Reenact the return of the mummy in your own backyard with these spooky mummy pumpkins. Add some tattered old bandages to a creepy-faced pumpkin and light it up for added effect.

  69. House of the Dead Pumpkin
  70. Enter the house of the dead where skeletons crawl out of their hiding spaces to welcome you!

  71. Exposed Brain Pumpkin
  72. The exposed brain is made out of a white pumpkin and looks amazingly realistic. This one’s not for the faint of heart!

  73. Return of the Zombie Pumpkin
  74. This zombie hand bursting from the ground on a backdrop of the full moon is all we need this Halloween.

  75. The Shining Pumpkin
  76. Everyone can agree that The Shining is one of the best horror movies ever made. This pumpkin lets us relive one of the most iconic scenes of the movie.

  77. Evil Tree Pumpkin
  78. Complemented with a sinister smile, the surrounding setup of dried leaves and twigs creates a truly horrifying

  79. Pumpkin Monster
  80. This incredible pumpkin creation uses the pumpkin’s guts to create a terrifying visual. The hyper-realistic eyes also do a good job of staring into your soul.

  81. Scary Witch Pumpkin
  82. Enter the fascinating world of pumpkin sculpting with this incredibly detailed witch pumpkin. Take some pumpkin sculpting lessons and create this masterpiece.

  83. Alien Creature Pumpkin
  84. This grisly alien pumpkin is sculpted to perfection and the colors make it even more eye-catching.

  85. Smiling Skeleton Pumpkin
  86. If you’re serious about making a scary statement this Halloween, this is the perfect pumpkin to do the job. This skeleton’s creepy smile says it’s coming for you!

  87. Sinister Grinning Pumpkin
  88. This pumpkin is up to no good and that evil grin says it all! The sharp teeth aren’t very friendly-looking either. Carve out this scary creation to spook some trick or treaters.

  89. Carved Face Pumpkin
  90. What could be scarier than a highly realistic human face trying to escape a pumpkin? This cool pumpkin carving by a master sculptor is like a jack o lantern come to life!

  91. Spooky House Pumpkin
  92. We love how the light filters through to create depth in this remarkable piece of work.

  93. Killer Pumpkin
  94. This idea is perfect for people who want to shock their guests this Halloween. The huge knife makes it look even more convincing.

  95. Chucky Pumpkin
  96. Everyone who grew up watching this terrifying killer doll will really get a kick out of this scary pumpkin creation.

  97. Scary Clown Pumpkin
  98. This criminally insane-looking clown has been carved by an expert but everyone can get some Halloween inspiration from it.

  99. Monstrous Creature Pumpkin
  100. Made with some incredible sculpting and painting skills, this monstrous pumpkin brings all our jack o lantern fantasies to life.

  101. Predator Pumpkin
  102. If you’re a fan of intergalactic horror, you’ll love this Aliens-inspired pumpkin masterpiece.

  103. Weird Goblin Pumpkin
  104. This goblin pumpkin may not be the scariest but it’ll surely make people stand and stare!

  105. Pumpkin Scarecrow
  106. We love how the artist has given their own spin on the famous supervillain Scarecrow. We hope you try it out and give it your own flair!

    Cute Pumpkin Carving Designs

    Halloween may be known as a spooky season but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it cute! Here are some adorable pumpkin carving ideas to warm your heart.

  107. Adorable Cat Pumpkin
  108. Skip all your old jack o lantern ideas and turn your pumpkin into a cute cat instead. Not only is this idea adorable but it’s also super simple to create with a cat stencil.

  109. Animal Farm Pumpkin
  110. This heart-melting barn pumpkin with miniature animals is to die for. Your farm will come to life with some pumpkins, paints, and creativity!

  111. Pumpkin Kitty Basket
  112. We can’t get enough of this trendy basket fashioned out of a regular old pumpkin, a feline mask, and a glittery handle.

  113. Pumpkin Family
  114. Make pumpkin carving and décor a family activity by creating a family of pumpkins! The adults can take care of the carving while the kids can look into the decorations.

    Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas

    Here’s a list of cool pumpkin carvings that are bursting with creativity and imagination. The creations on this list are proof that a little dedication can take you a long way.

  115. Pumpkin Diorama
  116. Pumpkin dioramas are all over the internet these days. To make one at home, just carve an opening, and fill it with enchanted woodlands, spooky forests, or whatever your heart desires!

  117. Galaxy Pumpkin
  118. For this galaxy pumpkin, all you need is a drill to make the stars, some paints of your choice, and a light to bring your constellations to life.

  119. Shadow Box Pumpkins
  120. Apply the principles of shadow art to your Halloween pumpkin this year! Simply carve a big circle, use cardstock paper to create silhouettes, and make a layered forest scene or a spooky house.

  121. Cross Stitch Pumpkins
  122. It seems like everyone’s into cross stitching these days. Why not add it to your pumpkins? Just take a regular drill, make some tiny holes in your pumpkin and get stitching!

  123. Realistic Eyeball Pumpkin
  124. Place a white pumpkin inside a large orange pumpkin. Then simply paint on some all-seeing eyes and viola! You have your very own pumpkin eyeballs!

  125. Stunning Pumpkin Flower Vase
  126. Incorporate the Halloween spirit into your home décor with this beautiful pumpkin flower vase.

  127. Stacked Pumpkin Masterpiece
  128. This gigantic masterpiece of stacked pumpkins is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

  129. Starry Night Pumpkin
  130. This beautifully carved rendition of Starry Night must have taken ages to make but the result is nothing short of spectacular!

  131. Fancy Stenciled Pumpkins
  132. Here’s proof that pumpkin carving patterns and stencils can give you some amazing results. Just look at the intricate details!

  133. Drilled Light Pumpkins
  134. Go classy this Halloween with these drilled pumpkins that look like a dream.

  135. Star Wars Themed Pumpkin
  136. You too can make your very own pumpkin space station, all you need is a carving kit and your love for Star Wars.

  137. Sugar Skull Pumpkin
  138. Spooky yet floral, sugar skulls combine the best of both worlds. Simply print out some sugar skull stencils and get carving!

  139. Owl Pumpkins
  140. Owls are gorgeous creatures and now you can make your own with some small pumpkins and gourds.

  141. Cool Pumpkin Pirate Ship
  142. Are you ready for a fun-filled maritime adventure with this pumpkin pirate ship?

  143. Peek-a-Boo Skull Pumpkin
  144. Simply fit the small white pumpkin inside a large one to create this fun peek-a-boo moment.

  145. Magical Pumpkin House
  146. Sprinkle a little magic on your Halloween décor this year with this pretty fairy house pumpkin.

  147. Intricate Mandala Pumpkin
  148. From adult coloring books to tapestries, mandalas are a popular motif these days. Use a mandala stencil and your neat carving skills to create this intricate mandala pumpkin at home.

  149. Witchy Carousel Pumpkin
  150. If you’re planning to have a witchy Halloween, this pumpkin will fit perfectly with your aesthetic.

  151. Caged Bird Pumpkin
  152. Bring a scary raven right into your home this fall season with this birdcage pumpkin. Just hollow out your pumpkin, create an opening that mimics a cage, and put your carved bird inside it.

  153. Royal Pumpkin Carriage
  154. Create your very own Cinderella-style carriage that’s made for royalty.

    Fun pumpkin carving ideas - Sparkler Pumpkin

    Over the years we have had many fun pumpkin carving ideas. This weekend we are headed out to find the best pumpkins at the patch and I am hard-pressed to choose which is the best of the fun pumpkin carving ideas. We often look to add fun & spunk to our pumpkins. My favorite pumpkin carvings use unexpected details to make the jack-o-lanterns bright and merry.

    Like setting a sparkler inside instead of a candle. I LOVE THIS!

    To make this sparkler pumpkin:

    1. Place the sparkler inside a glass cup
    2. Place the glass cup inside the pumpkin.
    3. Light it up for a show the neighbors will not forget.

    I’ll call it Jack-O-Bright.

    In case you are carving this weekend too, here are all the best fun pumpkin carving ideas from our archives:

    Fun pumpkin carving ideas

    (Sparkler pumpkin photo ©Ruth Black/Stocksy International, all others directly linked).

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