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After Christmas Traditions

I am excited to announce that I am collaborating with Rachel from Handmade Charlotte to do a grouping of kid friendly DIY projects for her site. My first one is up today and is a dear project to my heart.

After the holidays it is normal for our kids to feel a bit down. It is the one time of year I immediately print out photos for them to see. In the weeks following Christmas we share sweet times flipping through the photos and remembering the joy of the season together. These wooden star photo holders are a simple way to make the tradition extra special. The kids can stick them on their bedroom shelves, I can stick a couple around the house, and we can send one to work with the husband. The memories really help us all transition back to everyday life.

See the tutorial for these easy star photo holders right here. Do you have any “get back to normal” traditions? I’d love to know.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio.

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