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an afternoon tailgate

An afternoon tailgate

Our Alma Mater was in town playing this weekend, so it made for a perfect day to tailgate. I partnered with Smirnoff to host this little afternoon of fun from the trunk of our car. I used a fold out wooden table and left one side propped on the truck while one set of legs held the other side in place. I covered the table with blankets – perfect for warming the table up and helping ward off the chill when game time came.

An afternoon tailgate

We enjoyed trying a couple new drink recipes (which I love for fall!) and threw in some easy tricks, and festive party details, to make the event just our style. Read on for the rest of the party details and the recipes.

DIY confetti team number balloons

No festive tailgate of mine would be complete without balloons! These ones were made to support our favorite guy on the field. They work to decorate the tailgate and to keep the festivities going right into the stadium at game time. Make one balloon for the entire team, use letters to spell out your teams mascot, or pick a few favorite players to cheer for. Bring them into the game for a guaranteed spot on the Jumbotron.

To make the confetti numbers, use a paintbrush to paint a small amount of Mod-Podge onto the balloons in the desired number and quickly cover with paper confetti. The look is a festive one for whatever you might be celebrating.

An afternoon tailgate

Campfire Cola

Campfire Cola Recipe

The Campfire Cola was a fun drink to try. We topped it with marshmallows and let them slide in the drink for an extra taste of sweetness.

Football Popcorn Ball Cake!

A football cake! This was so fun. We made a large popcorn ball with peanut butter to give it a nice brown tint, and shaped it into a football. We even added candles – because I can’t help but make everything a bit festive. After we lit the cake, we simply pulled off gooey sections for everyone to enjoy.

Honey Cider Recipe

Honey Cider Recipe

The Honey Cider was my favorite recipe that we tried. I love the combo of apple cider + Honey Vodka. The drink seemed like the perfect drink for a chilly fall afternoon.

Chili and cornbread cooked together in mason jars for an afternoon tailgate

For a fun tailgate treat I cooked cornbread topped chili in mason jars. It was such an easy snack since it required nothing but a fork to eat – and the concept is novel and fun. To create the chili in a jar combo, I filled each mason jar about half way up with chili and then another 1/4 way up with cornbread and baked for about 40 minutes at 350. Be sure to leave room for the cornbread to puff up, and if you are transporting these snacks, make them right before you leave and cover with tinfoil. They’ll stay warm for about an hour!

Chili and cornbread cooked together in mason jars for an afternoon tailgate

cheeky churro recipe

Cheeky Churro Drink Recipe

A Cheeky Churro lived up to it’s name – thick and delicious, it was sweet like a churro, with a bit of a spark to it. I can imagine making it again and drinking it with old-fashioned doughnuts for an afternoon treat.

chalkboard drink recipes

an afternoon tailgate



It was a blast and I hope these tips help you host your own amazing tail gate party.

For this post, I am working in partnership with Smirnoff and am receiving compensation for my participation in this campaign. All ideas and opinions are 100% my own. Drink Responsibly!

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