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angel food eyeball cake

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

With Halloween coming up we are having a blast playing around with a few spooky treats. It is the one time of year that eyeballs, spiders, and other spooky items are found popping up at our house. These angel food eyeball cakes are a great way to get in on the fun. The cakes look like they are watching you… no matter what direction you turn.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

Angel food cakes are great because you can easily make them in any shape or size. A large bunt cake is perfect for an afternoon party, or whole bunch of miniature cakes will have a classroom of kids happily spooked. The decorating is the same no matter the size. Try your hand at homemade angel food cake, or purchase it premade for a show stopping party treat that you can whip up in moments.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

To make the angel food eyeball cakes; start with angel food cake (either homemade or store bought). You will also need candy eyes, white frosting, and ginger snap cookies.

Generously frost the cakes with the white frosting. While the frosting is still soft, place the cookies around the cake leaving spots between them for the eyeballs. Gently place the eyeballs around the cake. Repeat for each cake, adjusting the amount used based on size.

Angel Food Eyeball Cake

This cake is watching you…

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry)

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