Announcing Trumpet Lily Media

Over the years we have blogging often here about the business behind blogging. I’ve run courses, offered free branding advice and coached so many of you about starting and run online digital businesses.

All the while I’ve thought about starting a new site – just devoted to this passion I have for brand growth. But it was never the right time…

Until today!

Matt and I together just launched a brand new company Trumpet Lily Media and if you are a blogger, we’d love for you to check it out right here.

We will work exclusively with bloggers to grow their traffic with SEO & Pinterest.

Here’s a little backstory…

This all started 30ish years ago when Matt & I were born on the same day in the same hospital only 30 minutes apart. FATE indeed!

And for a long time that’s what we ran our blog on – faith and a LOT of hard work.

But friends, can I tell you what I’ve learned? After blogging for 8 years, 3 book deals and over 300k social media followers.

We learned that traffic wasn’t a matter of fate or wishing into the universe.

It’s freakin MATH!

And on this note, we fell head first into the wonder of SEO for incredible traffic growth.

Our site has grown over 350% over the past year.

Focusing on the math of SEO both for Google & Pinterest is better than anything else we’ve tried. And so together, we’ve devoted the last 3 years to mastering the art of driving traffic fast to new posts & redefining blog sites all over the internet by upgrading old content and making it fresh again.

We started this NEW SITE with the intention of helping our fellow bloggers who are working hard to bring traffic to their sites, making the process easier and more effective. With monthly packages for SEO growth and Pinterest management – I am so excited to help other bloggers brand dreams become reality!

Let’s talk blogging

From this point forward, any business/blogging posts will live on the new site. So if you’ve enjoyed that type of content, be sure to:

Pop over and subscribe to our email

And follow us on Instagram

where we will be spending time building a new type of blogging community.

And now… back to the party over here. We are popping champagne today!

xoxo –

Victoria & Matt

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