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Perfect Mini Apple Cakes for Back to School

Inside: Mini Apple cakes.

I don’t about you but my kid’s start back to school THIS week! That means we are spending our days re-learning habits, coming up with school lunch ideas, meeting teachers and connecting with parents. But no need to worry, these mini apple cakes make going back to school a little sweeter! 

Mini Apple CakesMiniature apple bunt cakes! So cute for a new school year.

 Back To School Treats

The beginning of the year is always such great fun! Make the first day back (or any special school day) even better with these mini-apple cakes. I’m in love with them for serving an afternoon snack at home or buttering up the new teacher at school.

The apple cakes are simple enough to make – an entire classroom worth for a back-to-school or teacher appreciation party would be easy to pull off.

Miniature apple bunt cakes

How to make Mini Apple Cakes

To make the mini-apple cakes you will need:

  • A Favorite Chocolate Cake Recipe (This one is great)
  • Favorite Buttercream Frosting Recipe (My favorite is HERE)
  • Mini Bunt Cake Pans
  • Red Food Gel
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Basil Leaves
  • Toothpicks

Oil the bunt pans well and bake the chocolate cakes for about 20 minutes. Let them completely cool then cut off the tops for a straight edge (tops while they were in the pan… so bottoms, really). This will make them all even when inverted together.

Invert the cooled bunt apple cakes on top of each other, and secure with one or two toothpicks to hold securely in place.

Use the food coloring to dye the frosting red and frost bunt cakes with the homemade red frosting.


Back to school! With mini-apple bunt cakes...

DIY apple cake

The Perfect Apple Cake

To top the apple cakes and bring home the apple look – cut a pretzel rod in half for the “stem” and pair it with a basil leaf for its apple “leaf”.


Apple cakes!!!

Hand the treat to teachers or students for a sweet start to the new school year… since we firmly believe that this mini apple cake makes everything better, especially a new year of school!

(Project recipe + photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Brie Zacher).

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