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Ready To Party Appliances


When designing our kitchen I spent hours upon hours researching appliances. They are one of the most important aspects of a kitchen and something that I knew would either make or break my love of the space.

While searching I really struggled with the difference between form and function of my appliance options. I found a number of beautiful options that I would love to look at that just didn’t seem functional or practical for our space (or budget!) and the appliances that did seem functional just missed it on the design front. I was thrilled when I finally stumbled upon the Frigidaire Professional line of appliances, we’ve partnered with them to make our kitchen space party ready. The line gives me that beautiful professional-grade kitchen look I was after with functionality and an accessible price point. We’ve had everything installed for about 6 weeks and I’m sincerely crushing on them hard.


Besides the pretty look of the appliances there are so many little details that really allow me to plan and easily prepare for gatherings of any size. I’m excited to share a few of my favorite features of the line:


First off, the sliding shelves allow my cakes to fit. This is huge for me! My party cakes finally fit in my French Door Refrigerator now even on the stand and with toppers attached. What!!?!

Being able to slide the shelves and adjust so much of the fridge at a moments notice means that everything I need to fit for our Saturday brunch can make it in – a huge upgrade for me.


I also adore that the door shelves are deep enough for bowls! I can easily fit an entire 6 pack in one of the shelves or extra bowls of fruit and chocolates for the kids. I’ve noticed when hosting families (which is normally what we host) that having easy to grab snacks for the kids keeps everyone much happier.


The electronic adjustments let me know that everything is staying the right temperature and remaining food safe for the party – we never want to send anyone home sick! The door ajar alarm has also become one of my favorite features lastly, since it is summer and my kids are always hungry and therefore tend to open the fridge approximately 2467 times a day. EEK! I love that it lets us know if someone has left the door open.



The Electric Front Control Freestanding Range was maybe my biggest excitement for the space. We knew we didn’t want to run gas into the kitchen so going electric my range options became severely limited. I was thrilled to find an option that holds the pretty streamlined professional look without the crazy price tag. The range has fun features like the pull out baking shelf that make my life so much easier.


The kitchen is finally done! We will be sharing the photos soon. It was a really crazy and fun process to take it from the original state, gut it to the bare bones (see here) and rebuild something we love. In the midst of what was a very intense DIY process, having gorgeous appliances that work wonders without any hassle was worth everything. And having the right base makes our entertaining so much easier and more fun.

This post was done in partnership with Frigidaire Professional.


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  1. Love this reno- im doing a similiar look in a few weeks to my kitchen. Thank u for posting the links to the hardware- this is like finding a needle in a haystack! So many options out there. Also- are you not using an exhaust fan for the range? Or does this Frigidaire range have an fan that pops up?

    • Hi Kat. Thanks! The Range does not have an exhaust fan. We may put one in eventually, just directly above it, but for right now we are just opening the window when we need to and it works great.

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