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April Fools Balloon Explosion

I am still astonished at how quickly April 1st is coming! With little kids, celebrating April Fool’s day is always great fun, but getting the older kids and husbands by surprise takes a bit more creativity. Surprise your favorite jokester next week with this simple balloon trick set-up. They are sure to get a startle from the explosion heard when walking through the door.

The balloon explosion set-up is very simple. First tape balloons to the back of a door that opens outward and against a wall. Be sure to blow the balloons up as much as possible (the fuller they are the quicker and louder they pop!). Next tape thumbtacks to the wall where the door opens to by punching each tack through a piece of tape. Be sure to pull the door towards the wall to ensure your tacks and balloons are lined up in order.

All that is left to do after this is wait and enjoy starting a new month with laughter.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.


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