April Monthly Update


I know this is normally the type of thing you start in January, but it’s April and I’ve decided to start doing a monthly update here on the ol’ blog. When we first started this blog 7 years ago it was the entirety of our brand. That was WAY BACK before Pinterest, Instagram and all the fun ways we connect online. Nowadays, this space is still a HUGE part of what I do everyday, but we also have a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes and in other places online. So this monthly update will serve to share a bit more personally about life and some ASR things that might not be shared otherwise on the blog. A recap of it all. :)

sf-bridgeApril was a fun month for us – Matt and I started to make good on our New Year’s resolution to do more fun things together. We went to 2 concerts (Passenger in Oakland which was one of my favorite concerts ever, he was 150% better in person and The Head & The Heart in Reno). We also got away for a long weekend in San Francisco – here are a couple snapshots from our trip.


pillowsWhile in San Francisco we stayed right downtown at Hotel Fusion, which was such an experience staying right in the heart of the city. We could walk to everything which was perfect. The hotel is cute and boutiquey, they just went through a remodel you can see before & after photos right here. We even got a pillow menu to pick from for the room! Little details like this are so great at setting a special space apart in the midst of a big city.



boiled-octopusWe were hosted to experience their new restaurant Taste on Ellis, which we almost said no thank you to – since hotel food is never a favorite. However, we went and invited friends and ended up having one of the best dinners of our life! I adore when a restaurant exponentially surpasses my expectations and this one did for sure. I tried a couple menu items that seemed very San Francisco, that I’ve never had before, like grilled octopus and hot stone wagyu (have you tried it?), new favorites for sure!

rp_printed-mirror.jpgApril also marked a huge site redesign and our new email connection. Are you on the list yet? I am sharing a ton of fun ideas, tips and thoughts on healthy living through the week long connection time. And it’s free! One of the biggest things I am sharing is how I managed to beat my lifelong battle with insomnia – which has been such a catalyst for my entire passion for Healthy Living and my recent connection with Arbonne. It’s literally changed my life and is quickly changing our business as well. More posts on the topic are coming soon, but you can connect about it by signing up today.

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At home we finished a huge tile project this month, which you can see right here. We’ve started planning and sketching out our next projects which will be outside focused – outside stuff for the next couple months and the kids are helping with it all! Here’s to hoping it ends up downright magical. :)

summer-magic-design-boardHere’s a bit of inspiration I’ve pulled together for the backyard, which I am hoping will be transformed this month into an awesome kid wonder world. WE ARE BUILDING A TREEHOUSE!!! (And installing a zip line). You guys… I am feeling really excited about it and can’t wait to share more about the projects.

wreath-wrapping-on-boxesMake In A Day

Lastly, I approved the final manuscript for our 3rd book this month! It’s all about crafting wreaths and was a blast to create. The book is in the same series as our pom pom crafting book and comes out June 21st! I’ll be sharing more as it gets closer, but you can pre-order it right here.

It’s been a fun month and I am getting quickly ready for summer!  xoxo

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