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DIY Window Frosting


Our windows have been continually frosted and white piles of fresh powder are everywhere. It has made me think a lot about how beautiful some of the more northern places must be this time of year. In case you are looking for that arctic view and don’t seem to be covered in snow here is how to DIY window frosting!

DIY Window Frosting

I hope your winter break is going amazingly. We are basically experiencing the holidays in the Arctic here in Reno. While I am used to having a winter and love the seasons that being in a mountain town bring, this year has been something completely different. I love it so much!

Why I was inspired to create these DIY window frosting

I was inspired by the concept of this movie that we can’t always live exactly where we’d like to be. For some of us, it’s because of small kids, or money, or job changes. Sometimes though building communities in certain places can harm a sensitive ecosystem. Like building high rise condos in the Arctic. So to encourage an arctic view no matter where you live, cover the windows with white tissue paper and add a little spunk and bling with tassels. It is such a pretty way to create a DIY window frosting.

How to frost a window

DIY Frosted Window

This is how to create a frosted window look

To make the tassels that are inspired by the bling and spunk that Norm From The North brings to NYC – I used yarn, tinsel, and twine.

Make the tassel by combining about 30 strands of yarn in one hand, folding in half and tying off at the top. String the tassels with the gold bling onto a simple white craft hook to embellish an otherwise white space with a large dose of personality and fun.

How to frost out a window

How to create DIY window frosting at home

To frost out the windows in a true arctic style you will need fabric stiffener and white tissue paper.

Step one: Tear the tissue paper up into about 5-inch squares and use a small amount of the fabric stiffener to attach the squares overlapping each other on the window.

Step two: All to dry and don’t worry too much about wrinkles and creases. The texture adds to the feeling that there really is an arctic day outside. The result is a great solution that can be made with anyone’s “bear” hands. ;) For NYE parties, or even make the windows to just get a break from the brown view if you happen to live in a climate where snow is not pouring down this time of year.

*A side note: Although this DIY is super fun for every day, the kids will love creating a DIY window frosting. It is also a sneaky photography trick we’ve developed over the years. If the winter sun is shining too brightly this quick solution will create a gorgeous glow for photos of presents, kids, or your favorite leftover turkey soup. Just a little trick of the trade.

Frosted Window

In case you’d like to take a fun trip to the arctic via adorable movie creatures this month here is the trailer to the movie – it comes out January 15th and looks like such a fun family flick for a snowy winter day…

Other fun photo tricks from over the years:

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