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I am really excited to share about the Artful Blogging magazine. An entire magazine devoted to blogging! They chose to feature A Subtle Revelry in their latest issue (hitting newsstands today). It was fun to share about what I love and what I do. Here’s an excerpt from the feature:

One of the greatest parts of what I do is that I can focus on DIY projects, my creative passion, instead of doing all the things involved in being an event planner. I love creating beautiful projects that can be easily replicated… I have no desire to work with caterers or find a venue to host a party. If I had to work with a giant budget or someone else’s vision I would wilt creatively. By focusing on what I love and (hardly) anything else, I have derived so much joy… It’s the awesome part of being your own creative boss!

Did you know I started this site as creative component to an event planning business? Quickly though, I realized where my real excitement was, and focused all my time into creating original party and crafting ideas. It is the best! No matter what you might be passionate about, beginning a blog is a great step towards making it a reality.

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