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Dining with Article for the holidays

Inside: Article dining table review. This post is done in partnership with Article Furniture.

We host a lot of gatherings around the holidays and having a table that can seat all our guests is a #1 priority! In our last home it was easy to feel cramped in the dining room, but here we can expand and host the entire crew, which is exactly what we like to do.

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rticle dinning table review

This is what it’s like to dine with Article at your table.

We chose the Madera Table Extendable in Oak which seats 12 people when it’s fully expanded! This is basically my dream for hosting holiday gatherings both large and small. It allows everyone in our family a seat at the table and gives us the chance to feast together without having some family members placed in another room for dinner.

Article madera dining tableThe texture of the wood is gorgeous, it is made of solid white American oak with a brushing technique that gives the grain so much texture. We were pleasantly surprised as how much we adore it and how the deep wood grain makes all the holiday party supplies pop in the best kind of way.

Article Alchemy chair

Article chair review

Along with the expandable table, we selected the Alchemy Dining Chairs in Pure Black to go with the table. The brass & black combo is so fun and gives our normally more bubbly decor a solid base to rest on.

The chairs are hands down the most comfortable dinning chairs we’ve ever owned. We’ve already hosted family and friends that have sat around the table for hours after a meal. The chairs are the type that make you want to stay a little longer, which is perfect for my dinner party goals… every time!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that we are sharing our love for Article again here. They are one of our favorite party sponsors.

There is an amazing quality to everything they sell, free ground shipping on orders over $999 & a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try out your new furniture in your home. Which makes it an obvious choice for trying out your favorite pieces and selecting the ones you will love. I’ve loved it all!

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