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Article Furniture Review – Our Bedroom Reading Nook

I shared last week the progress of the small bathroom in our master. Today I’m excited to show you what’s on the other side of that wall, along with my honest Article furniture review. Our master bedroom, which you’ve seen a piece of before right here, is undergoing a pretty significant transformation as well and I’m sharing a peek into the cozy space in partnership with Article.

Article Furniture Review

Matt built out a electric fireplace wall and we used a few favorite Article modern furniture pieces to create a seating area that is the perfect spot to curl up with a book every morning of the week.

Article Modern Furniture

Article Furniture

Article Furniture Review

We picked out a number of items from Article to fill this space. Even though we used them before in our living room renovation I didn’t realize they had really great non-sofa pieces – like this Oscuroo black console table, at great prices! One of the things I get nervous about ordering online is the quality element – but with Article I’ve been blown away.

Everything we’ve received from them from our favorite sofa to theses chairs, even the mint floor lamp is solid and feels worth well more than the cost. Plus their fabrics, like this rose pink velvet chair, are swoon worthy! So gorgeous.

Article Furniture Review pros & cons

Mantel build out

This wall that you are looking at is on the opposite side of the built-out shower. Once we decided on the bathroom layout plan, we realized this large empty wall would be just opposite the bed and instantly knew it would be the perfect place for an electric fireplace. We ordered this one right here (be sure to get a front vent fireplace to insert in the wall), and Matt did the wall build around it.

Now I can sit in bed and watch the fire crackle! It has sealed the deal as my favorite spot in the house. Our bedroom still isn’t completely done, but in the meantime this area is an instant win! I’ll be sharing more of our bed view next month.

How to install an electric fireplace

We hung a simple mantel shelf and made a really pretty bench to sit under it – DIY for this bench coming soon.

Our Bedroom Reading Nook

Article Modern Furniture

The wall mural we had up since the beginning stayed in place and we added a pretty glass door to our master closet. Which is the perfect backdrop for our new bedroom sitting space.

The Embrace Rose Velvet chair feels like such a luxurious splurge to have and this Embrace rocking chair (which is out of the photo frame here), makes for a place to relax and connect with Matt, with my thoughts or with a favorite book. Between the velvet and the cast iron legs of the EMBRACE chair, it matches our master vibe perfectly. The entire master suite has taken on a textured and old world vibe. I am all goggly eyes for it.

Master bedroom wall mural

If I were to sum up my Article furniture review with a simple phrase it would be substantially comfy. Their pieces really do envelope me in a way that makes me feel incredibly at home. They also feel really substantial, which can be hard to find at an everyday price point.

What does your master bedroom need to feel finished or fresh? I’d love to hear about your plans.

The post was done in partnership with Article, a brand we obviously adore.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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