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How to Make No-Sew DIY Scrunchies

Inside: How to Make No-Sew DIY Scrunchies

DIY Scrunchies

Let’s be honest, when the hair accessory trend of clips, bandanas, and scrunchies became popular again I was so excited. I mean I grew up with always having some type of hair flair going on. I would have to say clips and scrunchies were my go-to hair accessory of choice, always have been! So when the scrunchie game started gaining popularity I knew I needed to find some in fun colors and patterns.

DIY Scrunchies

I love all the different colors, styles, and sizes of scrunchies out there, but I wanted to make some that went perfectly with my style. Plus I didn’t want to spend $15 for a pack of 2, am I right? That is when I decided I needed to figure out a way to make my own!

DIY Scrunchies

Now, when it came to deciding how I wanted to make my DIY Scrunchies I knew I didn’t want to spend too much time or money. And although I know how to sew, I just didn’t feel like pulling out that big machine and eventually getting angry with my bobbin! #sewingstruggles Which means I needed to figure out an easy no-sew option and guess what?! It was the best decision ever! Let me show you how to make scrunchies no-sew!

DIY Scrunchies

What You Need for No-Sew Scrunchies

Like I said before, when it came to making DIY Scrunchies I was looking for the easiest and cheapest way possible. Here are some supplies you will need to create these fun scrunchies!

How to Make Scrunchies No Sew
  • Fabric – Each scrunchy calls for 4 1/2 inches X 22 inches of fabric
  • Elastic
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape – This is so important, I am OBSESSED with this product! #notspon I literally use this for anything that I could sew but don’t want too.
  • Safety Pin
  • Scissors

Boom! That’s it ladies!

DIY Hair Accessory

How to Make DIY Scrunchies No-Sew

Okay, now comes the fun part, well besides styling your hair in some cute accessories. Here is how to make DIY scrunchies no-sew!

  • First start by cutting your fabric to 4 1/2 inches by 22 inches.
How to Make Scrunchies No Sew
  • I like to iron my fabric and fold down one long side, and one short side. It creates a more clean and finished look.
  • Once you have your fabric piece cut and prepped take a piece of no-sew fabric tape and place it along the long folded side of the fabric strip.
  • Then fold down the top to connect to the bottom, creating a tube.
How to Make Scrunchies No Sew
  • Now cut the elastic. My rule is to cut a piece that goes around your wrist comfortably.
  • Pin the safety pin to one end of your elastic and feed through the fabric tube. This just helps you get your elastic through easily.
  • Once the elastic is all the way through, unhook your safety pin and tie each end together tightly.
  • Add another strip of no-sew tape around the rough edge of the tube and place into the finished end.
How to Make Scrunchies No Sew
  • Give everything a good squeeze to make sure it’s secure and ready to wear.
How to Make Scrunchies No Sew

DIY Accessories

More Fun DIY Accessories You Might Love

If you like these DIY Scrunchies then you will love these other great accessory DIYs!

No Sew Scrunchies

  • DIY Leather Earrings – I don’t know about you but accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of an outfit. I find that even though I love color, I mainly dress in black, white, or a few different solid colored shirts. (Pretty boring, I know!) But where I have my fun when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit is the accessories! I mean can a girl have too many earrings, shoes, or headbands?
  • Colorful Tassel Necklace – I feel like I am always trying to figure out a cute and fun gift to give all my girlfriends. Whether it be for the girls at the office, your besties from church, or your sorority sisters for life, they all deserve the perfect gift. I believe a handmade gift is the most perfect gift to give. When I receive a handmade gift, I know someone sat down and took the time to create something meaningful with their hands especially for me. So that’s why when I came up with this tassel necklace DIY I knew it was perfect!
  • Disco Headband – With this disco ball headband you can be one the one bringing the sparkle to the party! Wear it and watch the room light up when you walk in. Even if bling and dazzle are not your normal attire

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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