Both of my favorite places in our new home are outside. My front lawn where we spend almost every afternoon playing and my back deck where we have eaten 96% of our meals this summer. We’ve been eating breakfasts on the deck every morning and I plan to continue enjoying it until the absolute last ounce of summer is gone.

Here are a couple tips I’ve learned this summer for hosting a pretty family breakfast outside.

Setting a nice table involving both kids and adults means cutting down the amount of frilly glass sitting around. Instead of frill I love to find pretty bottles (like our water) that are also functional. Another way to do this is by putting normal condiments into pretty jars, buy our ketchup jar here.

Don’t shy away from using nice linens that you love outside, mix them with fun paper napkins for a relaxed table. Lastly, bring in extra morning light through candles (or battery powered Christmas lights which are safe for kids) even though the sun has risen, a few twinkling lights will easily make the morning special.

Photos by Victoria Hudgins (me).