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Baby Bumble Bee Costume DIY

This year we have a couple sweet costumes to share including this bumble baby bee costume DIY that includes momma as a flower the bee is attached to… obviously.

Bumble Baby Bee Costume DIY

Momma and me costume ideas

Turn your own little bundle into this Bumble Bee Baby! A costume that you can only create during this sweet baby snuggle season…. But also one you can keep in the books for a life time.

We’ve created a number of Halloween baby focused costumes before like this flower bouquet & this baby pink heart emoji costume, both options where you would carry your baby or have them securely in the stroller. This year we decided to use the beloved wrap, since that’s the only place baby really wants to be and turn it into a DIY bee costume.

Luckily this project can be done in about 10 minutes.

Here are a few other ideas for DIY Halloween costumes for the kids:


Mom and baby costume idea - bumble bee and a flower

Bee costume DIY supplies

To create this baby and me bee costume DIY you will need these supplies:

  • Black & yellow washi tape
  • Yellow baby beenie
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pom poms
  • Black construction paper
  • A bobby pin
  • Scissors

bee costume DIY for baby step by step

Baby bumble bee costume DIY step-by-step

1. Start with a plain yellow beenie for this bee costume DIY. Place it on a flat surface and simply add strips of washi tape.

2. To create the antennas you will hot glue black pipe cleaner to yellow pom poms then simply glue the antennas onto the beanie.

baby bee & mommy flower Halloween costume idea

Mommy & me Halloween bumble bee costume

To turn this from a simple baby costume to a full on mommy and me costume, make yourself a flower. Since baby lives basically attached to you anyway it works perfectly!

To make this part easy, simply search your closet for something floral, maybe green pants, or maybe just a simple flower in your hair.


Baby Carrier Halloween costume ideas

How to make a baby bee costume for Halloween

Finish off the baby bumble bee costume DIY by creating the bee body in the wrap.

1. Wrap your baby up and have a friend add strips of yellow washi tape to your baby carrier.

2. Cut out a heart with construction paper and bobby pin the wings to your baby wrap.

And just like that you have the most adorable baby bumble bee costume and beautiful mama this Halloween will ever see! Happy trick or treating with baby this year.

(Post photography & modeling A Subtle Revelry done by @jovannaPenney & @Jeneaeng).

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