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DIY Baby Bouquet Halloween Costume

Needing a cute baby and mamma costume this year? Look no further than your favorite dinner party inspiration. A bouquet of flowers of course! This adorable DIY baby Halloween costume is perfect to hold your newborn in while walking the streets, and sweet enough for a waddler to waddle about in.

Plus, after Halloween, these flowers also make pretty floral garland for the house.

DIY baby halloween costumeBaby Bouquet Halloween Costume

The baby bouquet costume is made using only using tissue paper, butcher paper, and glue. It’s a quick (nap time and done) costume to pull together that’s a festive and pretty option for Halloween night. Read on for the full instructions.

DIY Baby Bouquet Halloween Costume

DIY Baby Halloween Costume

To make the baby bouquet Halloween costume you will need: three packs of wrapping tissue paper in whichever colors you’d like your flower to be + one pack of black tissue paper, bendable covered floral wire, hot glue, an old t-shirt or onesie that you don’t mind ruining, and enough butcher paper to wrap baby up in.


How to Make a Bouquet of Flowers Halloween Costume


Start by making the tissue flowers by stacking 10 sheets of tissue paper and accordion folding down the square. Use 3 sheets of black paper, about half the size on the top of each paper fold. Once the paper is folded, find the middle by gently folding in half, and staple into place. Cut each end of each side on an angle to form the petals, then gently begin pulling the paper out and poof-ing the flowers into shape.

DIY Flower Bouquet Costume for Baby Instructions

Use a length of the floral wire to glue on the back of each flower and glue the wire onto the baby shirt. Position the flowers and wire as you go to surround the baby’s face with the bouquet. Add a small flower on as a headband. Before going out, wrap your baby up in the butcher paper and finish off with a cute line of tape. This would be an easy step to do (with help) once the baby was in a carrier, just incase you have a lot of walking to do!

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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  1. Hilariously adorable, Victoria! What a fun new way to use tissue paper flowers. :) Plus, after Halloween you can recycle them into a bouquet for your office or a kid’s room…win win!


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