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A Fox Themed Baby Shower – Perfect for Baby Boy

Inside: A Sly Fox themed baby shower. 

A fox baby shower, Sly Little Fox was thrown this weekend with great joy. I just adore Debbie, the mom-to-be. It was a blessing working with her friends and to plan this special evening for her. Baby boy is due in July and his favorite animal is now officially a fox:)

Fox themed baby showerFox themed baby shower for baby boy

Designing a baby shower for a boy can often seem a bit challenging. Making whimsically inspired pieces, like this hand-crafted fox baby shower mask, go a long way towards bringing boyish style to life.

Boy themed baby showerA Fox Themed Baby Shower

Touches of grown-up design also helped sophisticate the feel of this shower. We used solid, dark wood furniture as our backdrop- bringing in a desk, a bookcase, side tables and even drilling a shelf up for the occasion. These heavy pieces made our playful little foxes really pop into life.

The foxed themed baby shower centered around our food table that featured a soup tasting bar.

Realizing how popular dessert tables have become I was excited to step out and try a new take on party food. The tasting turned out to be such a fun idea and would work for a variety of other party themes. Our guests were able to sample 3 different homemade soups, multiple pieces of bread, salads and other goodies. A tasting like ours would also be a lovely and economical way to do food for a larger gathering or a wedding as well.

Fox baby shower foodThe soups sat atop wooden candle holders, complete with paper made ribbon labels.

The entire food table was laid out underneath a gigantic fabric wall fox.

Fox themed baby shower decorationDIY Large Wall Fox Decal

To make this fox decal, perfect for a fox themed baby shower I enlarged a black and white photo at my local copy center which cost less than $2. I traced the template onto the fabric, cut it out, and dredged the whole thing in fabric stiffener before hanging it on the wall to dry. It only took about 3 hours to dry and was firmly attached in time for the party. Finding ways to make BIG design impacts for little dough is a huge part of my party passion. This would also be such a sweet addition to a nursery or other child’s space as a temporary solution for a blank and lonely wall!

Setting Up the Food Display

The soup was served in small glasses instead of large bowls to encourage tasting. Guests were able to go back to the bar multiple times to enjoy each of the homemade soups. We livened up the glasses for the baby shower, by tying embroidery thread around them.

baby shower food ideasA platter was set up with mozzarella and tomato toadstools in a forest of leafy greens. Along with the loaves we served Bread Spoons!  As guests ate their soup the bread slowly melted away to reveal an actual spoon underneath- Tasty, functional and oh, so fun:)

Food for a fox themed baby showerA Few Decoration Ideas

Branches were placed around the room decorated with reindeer moss balls. A homemade fox banner draped across our dessert-case.

To add texture to the design we lined up all our desserts on a ladder bookcase, I called it the dessert-case. A fun way to incorporate items that were already in the home and it lent a fabulous eclectic feel to the baby shower.

The dessert-case featured animal crackers, fox cake pops, oreo’s, a pirouette log and the lovely watercolor fox boy picture I recently fell in love with.

Homemade cake pops- We chose to make them the easy (cheater’s way) and I was supremely happy with how they came out. Their look is a bit disheveled, perfect for a woodsy fox theme. Plus they were amazing to taste! A simple cake mix swirled with frosting and frozen into balls, stuck with sticks & then dipped into chocolate. We served each pop individually in a shot glass filled with pudding and crushed almonds as dirt.

The budget for our dessert-case was small so we used mostly grocery store food. It is amazing how classy bagged candy becomes when taken out of its packaging. Bowls of tootsie-rolls were instantly transformed when unwrapped and re-covered with a pretty ribbon.

For after-dinner coffee service, each guest received a gingerbread fox cookie on their cup.

Another way we saved money was to create our own cookie cutters. All you need is a template of your design printed and cut out on heavy card-stock. Then simply roll out your dough and use a paring knife to cut around your template. Although it does take a bit more time, it allows you to make cookies in any shape you can imagine. Foxes now… Perhaps flowers later?!?

Fox Themed Baby Shower Party Favors

Fox broach favors were given out to each guest and received with joy. Tutorial to come soon for these sweet & sly foxes. They just look so boyishly adorable pinning up a spring scarf.

Favors were pinned up on a woodsy looking wreath and greeted guests with a welcome upon arrival. When the shower was drawing to a close we simply flipped the sign backward to reveal a thankful farewell for each girl.
Photo credits Michael Chan @ theimageisfound


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  1. Wow you are so talented! I found you through Kim, over at Today’s Creative Blog, you are featured there today! Awesome! I love the bread spoon idea and would love to see a tutorial!!!!

  2. OMG! So many cute and clever details! I love this whole post and now I want to try the fox wall decal idea in my daughter’s room. The tomato/mozzarella toadstools are also too adorable! Thanks for sharing. xoxo Cindi

  3. Wow…this is why I am a follower! I love how you think so far outside of the box that your ideas are awe inspiring. Can’t wait for the bread spoon tutorial!!

  4. I’m just stopping over from TCB & am blown away by your creativity, humor and design. Those are some parties I’d love to attend! Great job! Can’t wait to see more!

  5. Gasp! This post was missing from the RSS feed. So sad I didn‚Äö?Ñ?¥t see it when it was posted. I love everything about this party theme. Many of the ideas could be borrowed for a woodland-themed birthday or dinner party for adults. I can‚Äö?Ñ?¥t wait to see how the bread spoons were done!

  6. Bread spoons = genius! What a great shower. Cute but not over the top gross cute. Modern but warm. Love all your special touches. I know those things take a lot of work, but the proof really is in the pudding. I bet the mom to be LOVED it! Great party! Can’t wait to peruse your other events.


  7. Adorable! I really like how it’s not a typical pastels baby shower.

    If you don’t mind sharing, I was wondering how you made the paper made ribbon labels. They look like an adorable idea to add to any party. Are they paper that is printed to look like ribbon?

  8. Not sure you mentioned how you got that fabulous fox up on the wall without ruining the paint… did you tape it? Do you have a special way to secure it? :)

  9. Hey! Can you tell me how you “attached” the mozzarella and the tomatoes? I love them so much… and think they’ll go really well with a baby shower I’m helping with… but I’m not very savvy :)

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