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back to school schultüte

A cute little gift to celebrate back-to-school. I love borrowing special traditions from different cultures, and gifting a schultüte – which is a german tradition – really does make their first week back sweeter. The present is normally a cardboard cone filled with treats for the school year – I think it looks great in paper with fringe on the top for a little extra celebrating. After all, in their world, this week is one of the most special of the year.

We filled our cones with a few candy treats, new colored pencils, lined journals (to practice letters with), a few markers, and fun hole punches. The cones really brightened up our first day of school morning and made the nervousness about a new classroom quickly subside. I can see these little cones filled with a party becoming a yearly tradition in our house.

Make your own by wrapping brown butcher paper (use a paper grocery bag if needed) into a cone shape. Take 4 sheets of tissue paper, hold in the center, and cut upwards on each about 75% of the way towards the center to make the cone fringe. Stuff the treats into your cones and fill with fringe to hide and contain them. Present to your child on their first morning of school for a fun new tradition.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography for A Subtle Revelry.


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