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birthday balloon bombing

Birthday Balloon Bombing! Fill their ground with balloons to celebrate a birthday.

My good friend Carly has the sweetest tradition with her daughter. Each year she sneaks in on her birthday, before anyone is awake, and fills her floor with balloons! Such a fun and festive way to start a birthday off right. I definitely recommend buying a couple packs of balloons (in their favorite colors), sneaking in, and recreating this sweet moment whenever you can.


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  1. While at university, my birthday was over the Christmas holidays. When I came back to our house, my housemates had filled the ground floor with balloons for it! Such a great way to come back to term!

  2. I love this idea! Have saved it for my little man’s birthday in August.

    On a side note, can you tell me who makes that crib? I love those guards on the side. Wondering if my Boori crib can get some to fit.

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