This DIY balloon costume is the last in our series of festive party costumes and is a perfect option for that last minute throw together.

Bouquet of Balloons - last minute kid's costume idea!

The bouquet of balloons takes only minutes to make and it guarantees your little one will be the brightest and most festive kid on the block. The littles LOVED the idea of being a bouquet of balloons! Be sure, there will be no whining to get dressed with this fun costume idea.

Bouquet of Balloons - last minute kid's costume idea!

Balloon Bouquet Halloween Costume - great last minute idea!

How to make DIY balloon costume

To make the bouquet of balloons Halloween costume you’ll need 1 1/2 yards of netting (we used an old mosquito cover), a wide ribbon to use as the belt, and a dozen or so balloons with extra ribbons for tying.

Cut the netting into three or four layers wide enough to wrap around your child’s waist. Layer the pieces one of top of the other and run the wide ribbon along the bottom, backside up. Use a hot glue gun to run a thick strip of glue along the netting, it will grab all the layers through the holes and should secure without much effort all the way down to the ribbon. Smooth with your hand, once the glue has cooled, to make sure it’s secure all the way around.

The day of – grab a dozen balloons and tie pretty ribbons to a handful for your little one to carry. To prevent letting the balloons go while you walk tie the ribbons around a rubber band or bracelet and attach to your child’s wrist allowing the ribbons to hang down.

Use the rest of the balloons to stuff under the tulle layers and secure with a spritz of spray glue. Spray the glue right through the netting and it will hold the balloons in place while you trick, treat and walk festively down the street.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.