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Balloon drawer for April Fool’s Day

Drawer full of balloons - April Fool's Day joke

April Fool’s Day is coming up next week. The entire fact that it is already going to be April feels like a joke in itself. Eeek! April 1st is a perfect day for playing pranks on those we love the most, and I often find my pranks involving balloons.

Every prank is better if it involves a whimsical balloon surprise!

Use them to fill a car, or to create a funny popping moment when walking in the door.

This year’s idea is simple and fun – I can’t wait to try it out. We will be removing all the clothing from the kid’s drawers and filling them instead with balloons! Cute faces on the balloons will make it even more fun. :) When the kids open their drawers to get dressed in the morning they will be greeted with an incredibly happy drawer filled with colorful balloons.

The concept is a fun prank for the office as well. Place the balloons in a filing cabinet or large desk drawer and surprise your co-workers with the colorful display.

Simple, sweet and festive… My kind of April Fool’s Day joke.

(Photography ©Eduard Bonnin/Stocksy United).


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  1. If filling a large drawer at work, ill the balloons with helium so balloons will float up and everyone will enjoy them. But where do you put the stuff that was in the drawer to make room for the balloons?

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