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Bang… bang…

Happy Tuesday! Since this week is a short one, I thought we’d start it with a bang…

These pinatas are just too much fun! I love how bright and bold they are (great for a grown-up birthday) + the top one could seriously double as a disco ball.

If you visit the shop you can check out the materials and watch the process of creation. I love that more and more shops are giving us customers a peak into their handmade craftiness!



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  1. Made my way over here from the BYW forum. Love your party posts. SUch inspiring ideas. I can’t wait to throw my next party and use some of your fabulous ideas.

  2. Hi Victoria, I’m also here from Blogging Your Way and thought I’d say hi. I absolutely love your DIY tutorials! They’re so unique and totally appropriate for even the everyday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hey! Just popping over from BYW course! I so enjoyed reading your homework assignment and I’m excited to see another entertaining blog in the mix! I’d love to email, chat and exchange Ideas! Maybe set up a guest blogging exchange :)

    Cheers! Kendall

  4. Oooh…these are so much fun! I want the “disco ball” one! I love your blog…I’m a fellow BYW student and I’m trying to visit other students blogs. So much fun! Great work and I hope you are enjoying the class! Feels funny to have homework! ;) xo

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