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Bathroom Remodel Plans + Inspiration

We have not one, but TWO bathrooms under renovation this fall! The first bathroom we did, (see it right here) was the easiest of our bathrooms to renovate. We chose to keep the bathtub, sink and toilet all in place and we just swapped out pieces making the renovation more aesthetic than anything.

Replacing the toilet and sink and made a HUGE difference. Such a huge difference that I advise everyone to just switch out the toilet even if you can’t do anything else in a bathroom! Getting rid of one toilet that you think is gross is so insanely worth the effort.

All this to say, in that bathroom all the interior wall plumbing stayed secure – making the job 1000 times easier than what we are currently working on.

But a little difficulty has never stopped us. HA! We are already head over heels into these two new bathroom renovations. I wanted to let you know what we are up to and share a bit of inspiration and product picks we’ve made so far. The first bathroom should be ready to share in just a couple of weeks!

Guest Bath Inspiration

Let’s start with the first bathroom renovation we are tackling: the guest/studio bathroom. We started with the downstairs guest bath, which also serves as the ASR studio bathroom.

We kicked off this project by removing the laundry units from the bathroom and creating our own laundry room. Which I love so much! It’s given the option to not have our laundry and the blog employees using the same bathroom #workfromhomeproblems and has opened up the bathroom space immensely.

Matt (my buff husband/contractor) has gutted and rebuilt the bathroom with a focus on natural elements like concrete, wood and simple shelving like this pretty space.

My biggest vision for this space is to bring in light and make it feel serene and spa like for our guests and the ASR team who use it for photo prep and potty breaks often throughout the week.

Since our lower level of the house is a walk-out basement, my origional idea was to install a sliding door to make the space an indoor/outdoor shower (wouldn’t that be amazing!?!). But, I was vetoed for very serious construction reasons, so we ended up opening the wall to a huge window and will have a full length walk in shower. We had an issue of needing to hide pipes below the window so Matt built out a little plant sitting ledge below the window. It’s ended up being such a sweet detail, like the one shown above.

Sometimes problems can cause pretty when seen in the right light. :)

We’ve picked out this floating vanity which will go where the old washer and dryer used to be, and a huge black circle mirrorthis photo is super inspirational to the vision. I decided to break from my current brass passion and have gone with chrome for all the fixtures in this space. For lighting we’ve settled on this overhead light which will mimic the mirror and these two sconces to hang by the vanity.

And tile! I am so drawn to a simple subway tile with dark grout like in Christina’s bathroom remodel. We’ve chosen to mix this small scale grey with a very large scale subway for a look that will carry our home’s grey concrete theme into the bathroom and also brighten up the space. We are starting tile tomorrow… and I’ll continue sharing little sneak peaks of this bathroom over on Instagram stories as we get it done.

Master Bath Inspiration

For our Master Bathroom I’m aiming for a cozy/lux feel to compliment our whimsical farmhouse vibe throughout the home. We are working with Kolher on this space and picked out some pieces that I am so obsessed with. One fun thing about this space is that we actually started planning it last fall – so for the entire last year, I’VE HAD A CLAWFOOT BATHTUB sitting in my bedroom just screaming at me to hook it up to water and give it a soak. I can’t even express how crazy thrilled I am to be finally getting this tub (the same one as photoed above) into place.

We’ve picked out this bathtub, this vanity, these pretty scones, a beautiful Gridscape door like shown below in Bre’s home.

The master bath/master closet renovation is possibly the hugest project we will be doing in this house (maybe it will tie up with the kitchen). We’ve decided to swap the current master bedroom closet and master bedroom bathroom, to flip flopped sides of the room, which will give us a beautiful new walk in closet and will allow us to take over my some of my son’s bedroom closet to increase our bathroom square footage significantly.

We are also going to open the far wall with a window which will have a perfect view of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the bathtub. Eeeep! I just cannot wait to have it finished.

The one thing we are still deciding on for this space is the tile? I want to go dark like the photo above but also want a space that feels light and fresh. We will be sharing more of these bathrooms and our master bedroom closet as we get closer.

Have you ever conquered a bathroom renovation? What tips and tricks have you learned along the way? I’m all ears for any suggestions.

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