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my sanity saving mirror trick


It’s about this time of year that my life turns nutty! Between crazy holiday blog shoots, video spots, and the never ending parties that are associated with this next month, I find it super easy to get behind on important things like working out and doing my laundry. When that happens, I inevitably get down on myself. But this year, it is going to be different!!!

I’ll let you in on my simple plan to keep sane and happy no matter what my schedule sends to me. It involves an easy laundry plan, and a new mirror that sends only good vibes my way.



A talking mirror! I saw this idea for the first time years ago at my favorite restaurant and immediately thought – genius! Writing text on any mirror in my house is a simple way to update the space for whatever I might be celebrating, like birthdays or Christmas. Today it’s going to celebrate me! :)


I found a simple mirror at a thrift store to use for this project and decided first to paint it, adding a bit of color and whimsy to my laundry space. Festive laundry decor is always a good idea.



Next I grabbed a sharpie and got to writing! The mirror can be moved throughout the house, but I like it best in my laundry room where it can speak words of encouragement to me daily.

When I want to switch up the writing, a dab of rubbing alcohol takes the text right off and on I go to the next bout of encouragement. Because we can all use a little more self-kindness in our lives this time of year.



My talking mirror, although I realize it sounds kind of silly, has done a world of good for me. It’s just the littlest details sometimes that can take us from feeling like everything is ruined, to realizing life may be crazy, but it’s not so bad. And heck—I’m pretty amazing for juggling it all.

After all, planning the holiday posts for this blog, crafting for hours, jumping on that conference call, making a quick stop to buy Tide Pods at Target along with that Sharpie, and still making it to the photo shoot on time… That kind of hustle should definitely be celebrated.


The small mirror update has really made me more excited about doing my laundry, and Tide Pods has also helped immensely. They are so easy to use; I just toss one in and my laundry is basically doing itself, which is helpful during this nutty season of life.

So here’s to making our laundry easy in the midst of our crazy lives, and to reminding ourselves how seriously awesome we all are! Write it on a mirror today – you will be so happy you did.

Sponsored by Tide.

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