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DIY beaded scarf

Speaking of easy going summer parties… this lightweight beaded scarf makes for great style when paired with a maxi skirt and stripes. Using oversize beads and basic stitches, it will take you easily through the BBQ’s and beach parties of summer.

Read on for the full tutorial

How to make a beaded summer scarf; you’ll need a scarf, embroidery thread and a package of wooden beads. First, bunch ends together and sew across to secure. Most scarves are made of delicate, woven fabrics so stitching across the ends gives you a strong base to hold it all together. Knot one end of embroidery thread and insert stitching at one end. Use entire thickness of thread. String 25 beads over to other scarf end. String 28 beads back across to other side. Repeat for third strand, using 31 beads. Pinch the ends into tight balls and wind thread around the end several times to secure. Pair with a breezy outfit for great summer style.

Thanks to Kristina Clemens for DIY design, styling and photography of this post. Check out her blog for more festive fashion tutorials.

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