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Being Prepared For Back To School

This post is created in partnership with Zappos and Stride Rite.

Back To School

The kids start back to school today and I have all the feelings of excitement for them. The beginning of the new year is made so much easier when we are prepared with all the basics, plus a few fun items as well. I’ve learned over the past couple years that my kids will start the year much more excited and confident when they know they have everything needed to be successful. Here are a few ideas for starting the new school year off on the right foot.

Back To School

We spend a lot of time getting ready for the first day… from uniforms to school supplies getting all the items the kids need can be nutty! My kids are always looking for simple ways to showcase their own personal style amidst the sea of navy blue polos that our school sports. I’ve come to love the huge selection at Zappos and their promise of fast free shipping for finding a great new pair of shoes, like these fun light up Stride Rite Leepz sneakers, that make sure my boy still feels like himself even when uniformed up.

Back To School

A few other fun items I include to ensure their first day back at school is the best:

  1. A microscope for inspecting bugs, desks and everything they run into. I ask the kids specifically to inspect things they find around school, it’s pretty amazing how being given a job by mom and being able to look at something up close can take any lingering fear away for the kids.
  2. Magnetic letters and number. The kids can instantly claim and decorate their metal school cubbies with these.
  3. A few pretty pastels for my girl. She is our resident artist and having access to something as simple as pastels vs. crayons makes her feel like she can do her best work everyday.
  4. A gift for the classroom (an abacus, a special book, or a plant). Getting on the teacher’s good side is simple when your darling shows up with a sweet gift for the classroom on day one. I find it’s a simple way to break the ice and let the teacher know you are excited for her and the year ahead.

Back To School

How do you get ready for back to school? I’d love to read your thoughts after I drop the kids off and cry (just a little!) this morning.

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