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47 Bridal Shower Games for 2021

So, you’re planning a bridal shower for your loved one. Well, believe it or not, a bridal shower is about more than just giving gifts to the bride (though it’s an important tradition!).

After all, guests are there to celebrate the bride-to-be, and the beginning of an important chapter of life for their friend, daughter, sister, etc.

And what’s the best way to enjoy the company of the people you love and have fun while doing it? That’s right, playing games! We’ve compiled this list of the best bridal shower games for 2021, so you can ensure that everyone enjoys your bride-to-be’s special day!

Best Bridal Shower Games To Try in 2021

If you’re ever short on great bridal shower game ideas, then this list is going to be your life-saver. Here are our favorite bridal shower activities, as well as some extra ideas to boost your bridal shower party.
Fun Bridal Shower Games

These funny bridal shower games are sure to get your bride and friends up and out of their seats, bonding together before her big day. Consider splitting your party up into teams beforehand to make the process a bit easier.

Dance Party Games

dance party game

There’s no better way to let loose with the girls than by planning a mini dance party with plenty of dance party games like Memory Moves, and couple bridal shower games like Partner Switch. Don’t forget you’ll need a good sound system and some vibrant decorations to really set the scene!

Pool Party Games

pool party games

If you’re having a summer bridal shower, there’s no excuse not to plan a pool party! It’s the perfect opportunity to queue up some pool party games, that are guaranteed to win over your bride-to-be and friends and family. Check out these 17 brilliant pool party game ideas for a sun-soaked bridal shower.

Board Game Night

board game night

A board game night is an excellent idea for a bridal shower, particularly if:

  • Your bride prefers something homier and more lowkey
  • The bridal party is a smaller, tight-knit group
  • It’s too cold to host outdoor party games

All you need to do is round up a few different board games, and enough snacks and drinks to keep you going into the night. A board game night is ideal for around 5 to 10 people, or you can run 2 different games at the same time.

Cupid Games

cupid game

What better way to celebrate your bride-to-be, and her upcoming union, than with some cupid-themed games? Love is certainly in the air, after all.

Not to mention, after an hour of watching her opening wedding gifts, it will make a nice change to do a small gift-giving ceremony for everyone at the party!

Bridal showers are a great way to celebrate friendship, family, and platonic love too.

Yard Toss


Try a classic yard toss game with a DIY twist! It’s easy to make, great fun to play with, and looks great when set up in the backyard. Take it one step further by painting the stakes in your bride’s favorite colors, to make it a game cum party decoration.

Selfie Hot Potato

selfie hot potato game

Who doesn’t love a funny selfie? The Selfie Hot Potato game is guaranteed to have your bridal shower party in stitches as you take turns posting some of the best (and hopefully, worst!) selfies that you take during the game. The selfies left on the camera roll are also a great way to save some memories from your bride-to-be’s special day.

Creative Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers are an old-school tradition, and sometimes they need to be livened up! Start thinking outside the box while planning your party, with these creative bridal shower games.

DIY Yard Games

diy yard games

If you’re a hands-on creative type then these DIY yard games will make your bridal shower planning extra fun! Not to mention they make the bridal shower games seem more personalized and down-to-earth, with classic games like tetherball, ring toss, and (giant) Yahtzee!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This photo scavenger hunt game is fantastic for bridal showers because it’s easy to customize based on your environment and the theme of your party.

You can keep the scavenger hunt to the building or environment that you’re in, and teams simply need to take photos of as many items on the checklist as they can. Consider personalizing it to make it more suitable for a bridal shower – you could add the bride’s mother, the best wedding gift, etc to the checklist.

Backyard Dominos

Backyard Dominos

These super-sized backyard dominos are a perfect thing to set up in the backyard during a sunny bridal shower.

Guests can come and go, playing casual games as they see fit – plus it’s even more fun after a few wines! Constructing these dominos can take a bit of work, so it’s better suited for someone with DIY flair.

Crafting Night

crafting night

It may not strictly be a game, but a creative craft night can be just as much fun as a games night. And if you want to make it more games-oriented, that’s easy – just set up competitions for crafting projects – have guests vote for the “best…,” “most beautiful…,” “most creative…” creations of all.

Craft nights are a beautiful and fun way for the bride and bridesmaids to bond with friends and family.

Extra Additions For Your Bridal Shower

Once you’ve settled on your favorite bridal shower games, you may want to add some extra features to really make your bridal shower perfect.

Take a look at these awesome party ideas that will ensure that you hit the bridal shower planning out of the park!

Pampering Party

pampering party

In between the games and gift unwrapping, consider setting up pampering stations to make your bride-to-be and guests feel extra special. Skin treatments, massages, and mani-pedis are all on offer at a girly pampering party. There are few better ways to show the bride-to-be how much you love her than giving her the ultimate self-love party treatment.

Custom Print Soda Bar

Custom Print Soda Bar

Why not personalize your bridal party with a custom print soda bar? Fill up your party bar with soda bottles (or alcoholic drinks, if you prefer) that are labeled with charming sayings or even the names of the bride and groom! And if your bridal shower is a little more exclusive and only the bride’s closest circle are attending, consider labeling each drink with names from the guest list!

Bridal Shower Ice Cubes

Bridal Shower Ice Cubes

These delightful bling ice cubes are a perfect garnish for your bridal shower drinks. What better symbol of the party than the engagement ring that started it all?

Host a Wine Night

host a wine night

Bridal showers are traditionally a daytime celebration, but quite a few end up in an after-party! Why not end the day with a relaxing wine night for the bride-to-be and all her favorite girls? Here are a collection of great ideas for how to accessorize the perfect wine night.

Churro Bar

churro bar

If your bride-to-be has a sweet tooth, there’s no better treat for her bridal shower than an in-house churro bar! Figure out her favorite dipping sauces and you have a guaranteed recipe for a winning bridal shower.

Home Cocktail Bar

Home Cocktail Bar

Speaking of bars, a home cocktail bar can add quite an atmosphere to a bridal shower, not to mention it makes it easier for your guests to loosen up and get to know each other! Make sure to stock it full of some of our favorite cocktails, including watermelon mojitos, a Paloma cocktail, and even a mock bellini for tee-totaling guests.

Bridal Party Decorations

Bridal Party Decorations

No bridal shower is complete without some tasteful and personalized decorations. Whether that’s something simple like polka dot balloons or something more general such as decorating ideas for a fall bridal shower, we have plenty of fantastic decoration ideas for your bridal shower. A few of these ideas include:

And more…

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it can feel like a strain to plan an exciting bridal shower party. After all, you want the bride to be the center of attention, but you also want her guests to feel comfortable. It can be a tricky balance to get right, but some well-chosen games are a great way to let people loosen up and have some fun!

Our bridal shower game ideas are just the tip of the iceberg too – there are a ton of great ideas out there, but these are a good way to get the ball rolling. And don’t forget to check out A Subtle Revelry for more great ideas for party games, themes, and decorations.