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Why Having The Best Outdoor Furniture Is Better Than Getting A Rose

We all love watching the roses being given every season, but let me tell you… Finding the best outdoor furniture for your space will feel even better than getting a rose from Arie, and let’s be honest it will also last a whole lot longer. I can all but guarantee that. ;)

The weather is warming up and we are super excited to begin using our outdoor space to take a break from watching The Bachelor again this year. We have a lot of plans for updating, but also want to enjoy the work we’ve done over the last couple years. Finding the best outdoor furniture for the different spaces we have has been a blast and I’m excited to share a bunch of my finds today in partnership with Wayfair to celebrate their 24 hour WayDay event. So many of these items we love and use are up to 70% off today with free shipping. From fire pits to hammock chairs and everything in between. It’s all on sale for just for 24 hours! Let’s go shopping.

Best Outdoor furniture

I’m not sure what your outdoor space looks like, but including the best outdoor furniture pieces can transform any patio, yard or deck. Putting in the right furniture will give you the outdoor space you desire without so much work that you’ll miss enjoying it.

Outdoor furniture tips & tricksMy biggest tip for figuring out what outdoor furniture pieces you will need is to think about how you’d like to use the space. Most outdoor spaces have 3-6 different usages (think keeping kids active, relaxing with a book, having friends over etc), so finding outdoor pieces that can satisfy all of these ideals and look great together is one of the best investments you can make for really enjoying your home.

9 Tips For Investing In The Best Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget to cover up with an awesome umbrella.

Finding great umbrellas to shade the outdoor space with can be a challenge. They tend to either be of the not-very-cute variety or crazy expensive. We got our large 10 foot one from Wayfair 2 years ago and it is still doing beautifully to shade our table from the harsh summer sun. This one is less than $50 today in celebration of #WayDay and it comes in the brightest and best pops of color! Even if all you grab is a new bright umbrella this season it will bring that tired outdoor furniture set back to life.

Grab furniture that does double duty.

Unless you have the joy of sprawling acreage out back, you’ll most likely need to decided which best outdoor furniture pieces get priority. Finding pieces that do double duty for you like a table that can easily seat four and then fold up to be a buffet when not needed will allow your outdoor space to feel full and free. Finding ways to have your pieces fill multiple roles and still look great will bring your back yard, no matter how small to life.

My picks for the best outdoor furniture Do some major relaxing on a hammock with a stand.

We purchased this exact hammock last summer and it quickly became everyones favorite spot in the yard. It is 70% off today!!! Which puts it under $200 for the hammock and the gorgeous wood stand. It’s an easy way to turn any outdoor space from a balcony to a farm into a space you will use and love this season. Or if you’d prefer to hang it from a tree, here’s a similar hammock chair to the one we have out back and it’s only $25!

Don’t forget about the kids.

Make them feel invited to the outdoor spaces too, with a cute Adirondack chair that fits them perfectly. They’ll feel a part of the party and the chairs can stack right up when the kids go home.

Make your outdoor space outdoor space feel like a room of it’s own with a pergola.

Putting up a pergola doesn’t have to feel like an entire room addition to the house. This one that is 40% off today at Wayfair is an affordable option that you could put up in a day. Having a space that is defined and covered to enjoy meal at outdoors will instantly make your backyard into an entertaining paradise.

Best outdoor furniture wayfairThink about serving with A Bar Cart.

The last thing you want to do when you are outside enjoying the evening is get up to walk all the way back inside to pour another drink! Instead be sure to purchase a small bar cart like this one that has wheels so it can move around outside with you. Easy serving = easy summer living outdoors.

Remember the porch swing.

We all remember a sweet conversation we had one time while swinging on a porch swing. There’s just something about a porch swing that brings to remembrance sweet times of joy. Just because you might not have a huge from porch doesn’t mean you need to miss out on this, one of the best outdoor furniture pieces around. Instead opt for a porch swing that has a stand with it like this one under $200! It can be placed anywhere in the front or back outdoor space for sweet conversations and lingering afternoons.

Tips for finding the best outdoor furniture Squeeze in little spaces with small pretty tables.

There’s no need to set up one 12 person dining table and call it a day with your instead opt for the best use of the space and the best outdoor furniture choices by creating multiple smaller seating areas around.

Think of how often you actually have 12 people over to fill that huge table?

Not nearly as often as just a friend or two stopping by to enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden. Making your outdoor space one that feel comfortable no matter the crowd is easy with a couple different smaller seating arrangements sprinkled throughout. We did this on our top deck revamp and are loving it. This bright blue table will add a pop pf color in a small corner you may have overlooked.

Best modern outdoor furnitureFinish the night off right with s’mores by the fire.

I’ve already shared a full post about my love for a simple fire pit outside and it seems every year the styles just get better and better. This one is a favorite for this season. It’s modern lines make it fit in great with any outdoor decor pieces you might already have. Place a couple logs inside and it becomes an instant memory maker.

What about you? Which of these best outdoor furniture pieces do you plan to grab this year during Way Day? Happy shopping. It’s like Black Friday in April! Find all the deals, right here.

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