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better together

I love the daily, personal awesomeness of blogging. I love the incredible editorial abilities of producing a digital magazine… After a year of teetering back and forth it was decided: let’s do something different together! Who says we have to be one or the other?

Digital media is free range, so here we go. Blog daily. Styled. magazine every few weeks, in short form. Perfect for inspiration without the overload! Editorial stories in the magazine will be posted on the blog, we’ve done a little redesign to allow for them to be pinnable and searchable. Shared in more detail with personal notes, project instructions and added photos. Styled. magazine will feature new product guides, blogger interviews, party tips and additional editorial content you will not want to miss.

the art of merry making… blog + zine = better together

Help me spread the word, we launch on Thursday… I would be super grateful.

PS. Want to contribute to the collaboration? Want to advertise on a subtle revelry?

Video shot by Meyer Photography.


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