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Handcrafted party- Modern birdie

I love knowing that the DIY projects & the many celebrations in our party gallery are helping to inspire your own events. From birthdays to weddings there are so many gorgeous ideas that have been designed and created to bless you in planning your next celebration.

Jess, from Such Is Life Photography recently threw a birthday party and was inspired by the birthday bingo game I designed. She adapted it to her theme and threw one of the most artistic and beautifully photographed celebrations I have seen…

The entire event was lovingly crafted by hand- the decor, party hats, games, favors and even the birthday girls dress!

A very modern take on the popular birdie theme made this birthday drop dead gorgeous! Plus, after all the crafting was done, Jess got to hear her 3 year old exclaim, “mommy, we made a party”. Which, in my opinion is the most lovely award one can receive for crafting something by hand.

You can download the bingo game I designed HERE and enjoy scrolling through the rest of the galleries to be inspired by one splendid celebration after another!

Photography credits to Such is life photography


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