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Why don’t we… celebrate everything

Ice cream cone cake

We are prepping for the twins sixth birthday party tomorrow morning (they are going to be six!?!). Having a birthday during the holiday season is always a little crazy. We often end up with Christmas lights in the background, New Years confetti on the table and birthday details everywhere. Sufficient to say this is the weekend every year that our house looks the most festive!

I am ready to welcome their friends into our home, bake little cakes in ice cream cones (here’s the recipe we are using), and build a massive balloon fort for them all to enjoy. While I get to blowing up 400 balloons, here are a few simple celebrating ideas I’ve loved this week…

Balloon cupcake toppers | polka dot party lantern | Bright paper stars |  Pinatas out of ceral boxes – so smart | Dip dyed ornaments | Confetti filled drop balloon | sequin photo backdrop

PS. Our site it getting a little face lift this weekend. Sorry in advance for the outages and wonky look as we update. Can’t wait to show you the new site next week! xoxo

(Photography © Jeff Wasserman)

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  1. Growing up in the 60’s my mom and aunts made ice cream cone cup cakes and I always remembered them so when I had kids I made them too. One year I wasn’t going to make them for my son to share with his class and he was really disappointed but I told him I was bringing a different treat and surprised him with the cones! We always had a cherry from the jar on top. Good memories.

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