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Soda Cupcakes for all the Birthday Fun

Celebrating a birthday in the midst of the crazy fall season can feel overwhelming, but I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! Instead of stressing over a huge cake that will inevitably end up lopsided and half eaten, why not make soda cupcakes?!

Soda cupcakes birthday floats

They’re not just any cupcakes, but cupcakes in a glass, with fizz added to the mix. Yes, you heard that right we are whipping up a new birthday favorite around here… delicious cupcake floats!

making floats with soda cupcakes

Not only is this possibly the easiest birthday treat we have ever made, but it looks AMAZING all lined up on a table. So we get dessert & decor for the easy price of just making cupcakes. YES! And we love that each of our guests get their own personal candle to blow out– so much party fun!

making floats with soda cupcakes

making floats with soda cupcakes for birthday parties

How to make birthday soda cupcakes

To make these delicious cupcake floats, you will need:

  • Your favorite cupcake recipe and all the ingredients (you’ll make 2 little or 1 large cupcake per serving)
  • Frosting in colorful hues (here’s our easy tutorial to create bright frosting color)
  • Candles to match
  • 1 small glass per serving
  • A sweet fizzy drink like Sprite, Apple Cider, or for the adults Prosecco works great

add candles to your floats with soda cupcakes

Start by making the cupcakes and frosting. Plan to do this at least a day ahead to ensure you don’t have to clean the kitchen from a baking mess right before guests arrive. ;) Frost once cooled and cupcakes should keep 3 days when tightly sealed.

Once the cupcakes are in the glasses, line up on the birthday table for a gorgeous display. Before guests arrive add a matching candle to each soda cupcake glass. Once everyone is ready to sing and the candles are lit, right before serving – add in the fizz to float!

making floats with soda cupcakes for your party

Decorating with the soda cupcakes

We love how these colorful cupcakes brighten up every birthday party and the guests do to! One of our favorite ways to decorate with these beauties is to use them as place markers. Each guest gets a color of cupcake and the placement of their color cupcakes determines their spot at the table!

To switch it up, try putting two different colored mini cupcakes in each jar. This makes for a color explosion! And last, lining these soda cupcakes up is a great idea to add color to the table and we must say, it is super photogenic (this is one of our photographer’s favorite projects to date)!

making floats with soda cupcakes

Feel free to plop in a scoop of ice cream to top everything off! Don’t floats remind you of being 8 and all that is fun about birthdays anyway? Create and serve these birthday soda cupcakes over and over again, they will quickly become your go-to birthday treat to wow guests and make life super easy on yourself.

PS. With all this easy birthday fun you should definitely have time left over to make yourself a sequin crown!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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