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Birthday Ideas For When You’re Short On Time


It’s birthday weekend for Matt and I! We have the same birthday so we tend to celebrate together. This year, in lieu of lip-syncs and beach dates we are renovating a house. Matt looked at me the other day and said, “Hey, it’s almost your birthday – I bought you some floors”. ;) That’s about what birthdays are looking like for us this year.

Although who can resist spilling a little confetti on the floor to celebrate? Before we run out to enjoy a bit of weekend birthday fun, here are a few favorite ways to celebrate a birthday when you’re running are short on time.


1. Dying hair a fun color


2. Creating a mini-party display with a fringe chandelier


3. Buying fresh cuts of flowers


4. Tasting sprinkles


5. Sipping cotton candy


6. Waking up to a cinnamon roll birthday cake


7. Jumping on water balloons


8. Creating a fun piece of birthday art


9. Wearing a glitter crown


10. Playing a rousing game of cactus balloon darts


And if all else fails… put a candy necklace on the dog and buy yourself something pretty! Because that will certainly brighten up any birthday.


PS. And for a year when I have a little more time, isn’t this present idea adorable?

(Confetti party photography © A Subtle Revelry by Jesy Almaguer, all others linked to their archived post).

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