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Birthday Party theme, Sherbert & Spice- invitations

A birthday party theme can make me smile, and a few tend to make me really happy. On occasion a birthday party theme, is so special it makes my heart start to putter, makes my mouth start to water, makes me jump up and down with giddy school-girl excitement.

Our upcoming girls birthday party, Sherbert & Spice

is giving me this type of excitement, and I am finding my inner school-girl giddiness spilling out in all the preparations. Here is your first sneak peak…

The invitations just went out this week and they are some of my favorite birthday party invitations yet!

To make the invitations we used chip board boxes and filed them with tropical Skittles. The top circle speaks loudly the fun of the coming birthday party theme,

while the insides spill out- sharing bits of the theme, even before the festivities begin.

Announcing with a party banner, the joyful event to come. A lovely way to use party details, giving our guests a dose of school-girl giddiness to brighten their day.

Making my heart do flips just to share our birthday party theme, in a box- how lucky I am to be invited:)

Most of these invitations are being hand delivered, if you’d like to send a birthday party theme, through the mail- I would highly recommend losing the box. Party bunting + candy would make your envelope the most lovely in all the mail.


PSS. Don’t include glitter in your birthday party theme envelope, no one enjoys a glitter shower. Candy, party bunting and the like seem to be much more sweetly received- free tip from me to you;)

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