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black tie sprinkle cake

black tie cake

I hope you had the merriest Christmas, filled with everything sweet and nice. We are having a really fun vacation, but also looking forward to hosting our NYE party back at home next week. In case you are hosting one, or bringing dessert to someone else’s, this black tie sprinkle cake is a SHOW STOPPER – and a lot easier to put together than you’d imagine. Give it a try this weekend and start early on that 2014 goal to be awesome!

Black Tie Sprinkle Cake

Black Tie Cake

To make black tie sprinkle cake you’ll need to bake a cake (or buy one, and give your kitchen a holiday break!). If purchasing a cake, ask for it unfrosted and follow the directions below. Or better yet, show them these photos and take a long winter nap, psst – I won’t tell.

For a homemade (amazing) look, start by rolling out one sheet of white fondant and one sheet of black fondant. Cut the white to size 1/2 the cake height. The black will cover it fully. Here are full instructions for working with fondant on cakes.

Cover cake with black fondant completely – pressing out and shaping it tightly to the cake, trim excess. Top with white coming up to the half way point of the cake and press tightly to adhere it to the black in place, trim bottom if needed. Top the cake with a colorful dose of sprinkles (they look like fireworks!) for an incredibly festive New Years display.

Project photos and design by Melody Brandon for A Subtle Revelry issue one.

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